UHQ shrink tunnels - UHQ heat shrink tunnels

Cardboard multipack sleevers with in-line infeed

UHQ (Ultra High Quality) heat shrink tunnels supplied by SMI allow to obtain a very high shrink quality of the pack, thanks to which there are practically no “creases” and the bull eyes on the short side of the pack are regular and uniform.

By combining the standard modules in different configurations, it is possible to create all models of shrink tunnel, from the smallest that is 3 meters long to the biggest that is 6 meters long, with great advantages in terms of time for the supply of the complete and assembled tunnel.

These tunnels are equipped with:

  • standard ventilation with an adjustable air flow towards the pack bottom and additional ventilation that produces an air flow dedicated exclusively to the feeding of internal blowing conveyors only, on the pack sides;
  • intrachain deflectors that direct the air flows towards the pack bottom, with a drawer-shaped structure, that is with two sliding sheets, overlapping one another for a better adjustment of the flows;
  • SEW gear motor installed as standard equipment on all models; in particular, according to the type of tunnel, orthogonal gear motors from the SPIROPLAN® W range with high performance or worm gear motors from the S range with a quiet running, capable of providing a high efficiency level, are installed;
  • electrical cabinet positioned longitudinally compared to the leading side, thus improving the thermal insulation and the ergonomics of the solution. This makes the access easier and allows the operator to perform the operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in a simple and fast way.