Film Welding Device - Film welding device by heated blade

Cardboard multipack sleevers with in-line infeed

SMI customers can now upgrade their SK and CM packers with an innovative film welding device. The “film welding device by heated blade” joins the edge of the film reel about to end with the beginning of the new reel while the machine is running, with no need to stop production. The machine slows down and the film (printed or neutral with reference mark) is automatically joined; the machine is immediately back to running at full pace.

The new system allows dramatic cuts on energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional hot sealing method, as there are no more sealing rollers to be kept at a consistent temperature. The sealing precision of printed film or neutral film with reference mark is higher, with +/-10mm margin from the reference mark. The "film welding device by heated blade" can handle also no-collant film.