Our values

We are a customer-oriented organization engaged in the design and manufacture of high technology bottling and packaging systems up to 50,000 bottles / hour, featuring the best price / quality ratio on the market.

We want  to provide our customers worldwide with innovative solutions capable of fully meeting their demands in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility and energy saving.

Our customers' satisfaction

  • We provide our customers with quality products and services they can always rely on.
  • We undertake to maintain and enhance our customers' satisfaction.
  • We are constantly in search for the best solution to meet our customers' demands when we develop a new product or we improve the existing ones.

Our staff's undertaking

  • The success of our business is based on the enthusiasm, the engagement, the ability, the skillfulness, the creativity and the spirit of initiative of each individual working for us.
  • The sharing of the same goals is a key factor for our organization's advance.
  • The merger of the skills of all members of our staff is a vital resource of our company in order to achieve the best results.

The challenge of changes

  • We exploit all opportunities generated by changes.
  • We change pro-actively the way we carry on our activity, so as to be successful forerunners in an ever-evolving world.
  • We consider innovation as a key factor for the continuous enhancement of our wide spectrum of solutions.