Online support

Smy Help Desk Demo - After sales assistance

Contacting SMI Help Desk is easy and smart, thanks to online support services designed to provide customers with a quick assistance.
The tools through which it is possible to request for assistance, comfortably from your smartphone, tablet or PC, are:


  • Smycall:
    by calling the number +39.0345.40255, it is possible to create a new request for assistance or return to one that has been requested previously. After keying in the serial number of the machine and receiving the reference ticket number, you are put in contact with an after-sales technician.


  • Smychat:
    allows to communicate in real time with a technician via chat, thus having the opportunity to add pictures or other attachments.


  • Support request:
    allows to enter the details of the request for assistance, by filling in the specific form in all its fields.

To have priority access to these tools and get further services and benefits, it is possible to subscribe to Smypass Priority.