Combined packers with in-line infeed


CM 400 R ERGON - Combined machines up to 40 ppm

The combined packers from the CM R range group in a single system the functions of a wrap-around case packer, a tray packer and a shrink wrapper. Therefore, they are the ideal solution to pack a wide range of containers in various types of packs (film only; cardboard pad+film; tray+film; tray only and wrap-around boxes) and to make frequent switches from one product to another and from one format to another.

This series of packers is capable of reaching production speeds up to 80 packs per minute, depending on the machine model, the product type and the selected formats. The pack collations can vary according to the container shape and size; in general, the most requested collations are: 2x3, 3x4 and 4x6 for wrap-around cases and 4x3 and 6x4 for tray + film packs.

The combined machines from the CM R range are equipped with the innovative revolving quick-format changeover system which consists of two rotary modules: the first positioned in the cardboard/loose product advance area and the second positioned in the area of box/tray formation and loose product flow.
The two rotary modules are supplied with double equipment: that required for working in film only and that for the packaging in tray or wrap-around cases.

Speed (PPM)40
Packaging TypeShrink film
Pad + Film
Tray + film
Tray only
Wrap-around case



1At the infeed conveyor of the machine, a motorized system of oscillating guides correctly channels the loose containers towards the pack formation area.


2The Easy-Load system automatically loads the cardboard blanks into the machine cardboard magazine. A corrugated cardboard blank is picked from the cardboard magazine through a cam-controlled picker with new-generation suction cups, moves along the cardboard climb and is positioned below the incoming group of products with short side leading (wrap-around box) or long side leading (tray). The cardboard/ tray packer operates continuously with wrap-around system.


3In the pack formation area, containers are grouped continuously in the selected format through electronically synchronized pins.


4The module for the advance of the cardboard blanks or loose product is supplied with double equipment (MODULE 1):
- SIDE (A): motorized belt equipped with fingers and side guides for the case formation
- SIDE (B): motorized belt for the transport of loose products or products in pad/tray


5The module of the former is supplied with double equipment (MODULE 2):
- SIDE (A): motorized conveyor equipped with fingers and side guides that fold and wrap the cardboard blank around the products. The flap-folding devices fold first the side flaps and then the lower/upper flaps, both of the front and rear side. A gun sprays a thin layer of hot melt glue on the flaps to ensure excellent pack resistance. At the machine outfeed, specific fixed guides press the walls of the box that has just been realized.
- SIDE (B): motorized belt for the transport of loose products or products on pad. The rotation of the two modules by 180 degrees enables to obtain the pack combinations shown in the picture.


6In case of packaging in case/tray with shrink film, the unwinding of the film reels, positioned in the lower part of the machine, is controlled by a brushless motor, that ensures the precise and constant film tensioning. Before the pack enters the shrink tunnel, the film is cut by a knife equipped with motorized blade, wrapped around the group of containers and overlapped on the pack bottom.

  • Machine bearing frame made of sand-blasted and powder-painted steel
  • Sliding protection doors in anodised aluminium featuring a rounded shape which let all the motors (featuring low energy consumption) be placed externally if compared to the mechanical groups they activate. The closing system of doors is equipped with a slow-down device, which accompanies the door smoothly in its final phase of closure
  • Absence of gearboxes and prevailing employment of ICOS brushless motors equipped with digital servo-driver integrated into the motor
  • Infeed conveyor with chains made of thermoplastic material featuring low friction coefficient and a motorized system of oscillating laning guides
  • Continuous motion rotary cardboard blank picker, equipped with suction cups
  • The unwinding of the film reels, placed in the lower part of the machine, is controlled by a brushless motor, which ensures the film constant tension. There are two film reels: one is operating, the other one stands by. When the operating film reel is over, a manual sealing bar joins the films. In order to facilitate the replacement of the film reels the machine is equipped with a dedicated reel truck. The mandrels feature a pneumatic blocking system and when the film ends, a special device stops the machine
  • Compact knife group with film cutting blade driven by a direct drive brushless motorization
  • The shrink tunnel features state-of-the-art technical solutions that enables the energy consumption reduction and the maximum environmental compatibility of the processes. Thanks to the precise analysis of thermodynamic phenomena generated by the shrink process, the tunnel distributes hot air flows in an efficient and homogeneous way on the pack, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the final pack. Shrink resistances are positioned on the side walls of the tunnel.
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel with forced air ventilation
  • Optimized operation of the packer ensured by a series of controls: detection of the product presence at the machine infeed, required to automatically adjust the production speed; detection of the upside-down bottles at the infeed; cardboard presence control (where applicable); check of the film unwinding around the product; electronic control of the shrink tunnel temperature.

Fast and automated format changeover

When you have to switch from one working condition to another, it is sufficient to rotate the module 180° thanks to an innovative rotating fifth wheel system, which brings the equipment required by the new format, to the main work surface, while the stand-by system remains hidden in the lower part of the system. This rotation system therefore allows you to change the configuration of the machine simply by turning the revolving module by 180 degrees, without the need for any mechanical manual adjustments.

Modular design

SMI machines are designed according to advanced principles of module assembly and feature interchangeable mechanical and electronic components, which ensure a reduction of the down-times during technical interventions or programmed maintenance and the optimization of the use of spare parts on stock.

Operational flexibility

These machines can package a wide range of products in several pack collations, so as to effectively meet the end user's current and future requirements. Moreover, each machine can be equipped with additional devices, which increase its basic functions and ensure a high level of customization of the final package.

Easy and cost-saving maintenance

The rounded safety doors enable to have more space inside the machine and thus to install motors externally compared to the mechanical units they drive, which allows the operator to easily perform the activities connected to the plant maintenance.

User-friendly man-machine interface

The POSYC® control panel, sliding on a boom running the whole length of the machine (depending on the machine model), enables even less expert operators to easily and effectively run the packer, thanks to an intuitive interface, a touch screen display and diagnosis functions and real-time technical support available on the POSYC®.

Cutting-edge automation and control system

MotorNet System® automation and control system ensures several advantages, such as high production speeds and high-quality packs, the constant maintenance of control parameters during the entire production cycle, the direct change of the machine parameters with the possibility to save up to 200 different formats and low noise level of the plant.