Pallet Display Tray - Maxi trays measuring 1/4 and 1/2 europallet size

Cardboard multipack sleevers with in-line infeed

Wrap-around case packers of the WP series and shrink wrappers of the SK series can be predisposed in order to produce, in addition to standard packs in corrugated board boxes / trays or in shrink film bundles (with or without tray), also the so called "pallet displays", e.g. large trays in corrugated board measuring ¼ (WP and SK) and ½ europallet (WP) size.

These collations allow to get remarkable advantages: • better use of the space available on the pallet • huge savings in the packaging material • reduction of storage and transportation costs • low energy consumption • easier handling of the pallet at the points of sale.

It is a very innovative choice, if we consider that, presently, the production of these types of packaging solutions requires the use of two different machines: one for the production of cardboard cases in standard formats of 6, 12, 15 and 24 pieces, and another one for the packaging of a huge number of bottles in trays whose size is equal to ¼ or ½ europallet (½ europallet = until 80 bottles).