Sminow magazine

SMINOW Magazine 2016/16
  • USA: Amy's Kitchen
  • Canada: Eaux Vives
  • Saudi Arabia: Aloyoun Water
  • Saudi Arabia: Deem Water Tec
  • Australia: Campari
  • New ERGON EBS: the innovative and compact highperformance stretch-blow moulder
  • Visit SMI's show room to discover the new ERGON technology
  • Closer to UK customers
  • Mai Dubai rewards SMI
  • SMI reduces its "carbon footprint"
  • SMI renews online
SMINOW Magazine 2015/15
  • Niger: Safi Sarl
  • Algeria: Sarl El Dahouara Eau Minerale
  • Lebanon: Kassatly Chtaura
  • Lebanon: SMLC
  • Lebanon: SMLC
  • SK ERGON: when technology meets ergonomic design
  • SMIPACK: ßP ARX, new film shrinkwrappers without sealing bar with 90° infeed
  • A tale of technology and nature
  • SMIPACK: a new venue for new projects
  • A comprehensive virtual tour to discover SMI technology
SMINOW Magazine 2015/14
  • Egypt: Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt
  • Yemen: YUBCO & DICO
  • Yemen: Al-Ahlia Mineral Water Company
  • Ukraine: F.A. Neptun
  • New solutions for controlling the production line
  • Smiflexi & Smipal: increasingly compact end of line with “Packbloc Neo”
  • Smilab: “Touchplant” project
  • A leap in turnover: the SMI Group ranks first in Italy
  • Smipass: the access key to SMI services
  • Spare Parts & Upgrades: how to improve installed machines
  • Anuga FoodTec 2015: the International Exhibition of Food Technology
SMINOW Magazine 2014/13
  • Maldives: Malé Water
  • United Arab Emirates: Mai Dubai
  • Turkey: Sirmakes
  • Portugal: Empresas de Cervejas da Madeira
  • Smiform: High-performance reflective thermal panels to heat the preforms
  • Smiflexi: SK Shrinkwrappers - a product that is constantly renewed!
  • Smipack: New shrinkwrappers without sealing bar
  • SMI Group's new headquarters: Innovative technologies to protect the environment and save energy
SMINOW Magazine 2014/12
  • Brazil: Aurora Wine Cooperative
  • Brazil: Fante Industria de Bebidas
  • Brazil: Vinícola Galiotto
  • Portugal: Aguas das Caldas de Penacova
  • Italy: Spumador
  • Italy: La Galvanina
  • Interpack 2014 Première
  • Cutting-edge technologies for efficient line end
  • APS 1550 P PLUS: the new automatic palletizing system Smipack: new packers with sealing bars ßP802AL 600R and ßP8002AL 600R-P
  • Smigroup e-store: original spare parts at your fingertips!
SMINOW Magazine 2013/11
  • Norway: Macks Ølbryggeri
  • Sweden: Procordia
  • Turkey: Pinar Su
  • South Africa: Wilmar Continental
  • Antigua: Antigua Distillery
  • Drinktec 2013: SMI's innovations meet the beverage and “liquid food” industry.
  • HSR – High Speed Rotary: the new stretchblow moulder equipped with revolutionary technology that will change the PET world
  • Easy-Load: the new device for the automatic loading of the cardboards magazine
  • APS 3100 LP Plus: the “3 in 1” compact solution
SMINOW Magazine 2013/10
  • China: Snow Beer
  • United States: Nirvana
  • France: Volvic
  • South Africa: Coca-Cola Canners
  • The growing range of Smipal palletizers
  • Smipal APS 1035 series:
    palletizer with row pre-composition and gripper
  • Smipal APS 3100 L series:
    palletizer with continuous in-line layer pre-composition
  • Smipass: new on-line assistance
  • Upgrades:
    the benefits of the last technologies available to everyone
  • SmyCloud:
    some information about Smipass' new free service
SMINOW Magazine 2012/9
  • China: Lee Kum Kee
  • Algeria: Société Source de Batna
  • Republic of Cape Verde: ECCB Cavibel
  • Lebanon: SMLC PepsiCo Lebanon
  • South Africa: Wilmar Oil
  • The new heat recovery system for the shrinking tunnel
  • “Neck in bottle”: the new stackable containers
  • Smy Reader: the App that simplifies spare parts requests
  • Smipack: “ad hoc” solutions for packaging square and rectangular products - New ßP monoblock shrinkwrappers with dividers
  • “European Business Awards”: SMI is finalist
  • SMI’s 25th anniversary: retracing the milestones
  • Sales Network Convention: the 2012 edition exceeds all expectations
  • 2012/2013: the unmissable events
SMINOW Magazine 2012/8
  • Italy: Milk Producers in Lombardy
  • Italy: GSG
  • Lebanon: Kassatly Chtaura
  • France: Brasserie Milles
  • Italy: Lattebusche
  • The line for the packaging of large containers “thins down”
  • “Pallet display” trays: why you should choose a Smiflexi WP XL wraparound case packer
  • The Bee-hive Pack: the new “honeycomb” format
  • Smipack: ßP 600 - the ideal packer for producing efficiently, flexibly and costeffectively / Smipack and pad + film packaging
  • The China Awards 2011 prize to SMI
  • Sales Network: great success for the Convention organized by SMI
  • Smigroup in between Quality and Environment
  • Focus on 2011: a successful year
  • Trade Fair Events 2012: a full calendar with confirmations and novelties
SMINOW Magazine 2011/7
  • Spain: Hida Alimentación
  • Norway: Stabburett
  • South Africa: Willowton Oil
  • USA: Vi-Jon
  • United Kingdom: Blue Keld
  • Smitec: new automation solutions presented at Interpack 2011
  • Smipal: compact solutions for line-end packaging with continuous pre-composition
  • Smipack FP500HS: the new
  • frontier in automatic packaging
  • SMI wins the award ”The Tigers of 2010”
  • Spare parts just a “click” away
  • Training: the Ting Hsin and YST case
  • Trade Fair Events: a 2011 full of success
SMINOW Magazine 2011/6
  • Brazil: Refriso Bebidas
  • Spain: Compañia de Bebidas PepsiCo
  • Italy: Piacentina Srl
  • Egypt: Safi Water National Company
  • Brazil: Acrilex
  • “SACS” Project: the compact line which makes savings and respects the environment
  • SK “HS - High Speed” Shrinkwrappers: maximum level speed and precision
  • Smipack: new solutions for continuous automatic packing
  • Environment: SMI obtains the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification
  • Training: “Work-related Learning” project
  • Trade fair events: great expectations for 2011
SMINOW Magazine 2010/5
  • Venezuela: Alimentos Polar
  • China: NongFu Spring Water
  • Italy: San Benedetto
  • Iraq: Al-Tameem
  • New BFS series: stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping integrated system
  • Smipack: the new FP 8000 CS automatic L-sealer
  • Smilab: two years of innovations
  • Renewable energy: the “solar pack control system” project
  • Events and conferences: the “Smilab Days”
  • “Prize of Prizes”: SMI receives award from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano
  • Smilab at Expo 2010 with “Italy of Innovators”
  • Smigroup on the net: a more accessible website thanks to a new home page
  • Trade fairs: a 2010 full of events
SMINOW Magazine 2010/4
  • Brazil: Bela Ischia
  • Ecuador: ECB Ecuador Bottling Co.
  • Mexico: Danone Bonafont
  • USA: Cott Beverages
  • Poland: Cisowianka
  • APS palletizers: the new solution by SMI for the end-of-line logistics
  • “Eco-friendly” heat-shrinking: the new Smiflexi’s gas-heated tunnel is born
  • New LWP 25: high technology for “low speed” operations
  • Smipack: new FP 6000 & FP 6000 CS automatic L-sealers
  • Smipack’s HA series automatic handle applicators: new models for 25, 40, 60 e 80 ppm outputs
  • Smipass: SMI phone aid changes
  • 2010 exhibitions: next appointments.
SMINOW Magazine 2009/3
  • Italy: Di Iorio
  • Canada: Ice River Springs
  • Italy: Pernod Ricard Italia
  • China: Beijing Pepsi
  • SK Shrinkwrappers: Automation at maximum speed
  • SR Stretch-blow moulders: blowing becomes light
  • Smipack – New monoblock shrinkwrapper with 90° entry ßP802AR 280RS
  • New for 2009:automatic handle applicators series HA 40-60-80
  • The new Smilab research and innovation centre is set up
  • SMI changes look
  • Smigroupand sustainable development
  • Training: Projects to help the territory
  • Exhibitions & preview of Drinktec 2009
SMINOW Magazine 2008/2
  • Mexico: Arca
  • China: 5100 Tibet Spring Water
  • Japan: Suntory
  • Jordan: Sinalco International
  • Kuwait: Al Rawdatain
  • Ukraine: SUN Inbev
  • New TS: Two packs in one
  • SR Stretch-blow moulders: At reduced...pitch
  • SR Stretch-blow moulders: The automation is integrated
  • Smipack: New in-line ßP800AS, ßP802AS and ßP1102AS automatic shrinkwrappers
  • Customer Service Centre: Plan, Resolve, Maintain, Enhance
  • 2008 Report: Smigroup consolidates great market position
  • Exhibitions: Outstanding presence in 2008
  • Emballage 2008: Paris the packaging capital
SMINOW Magazine 2008/1
  • Jamaica: Red Stripe
  • China: Zhujiang Beer
  • Italy: La Doria
  • Turkey: Sirma
  • Spain: Inbesa
  • Australia: Cadbury Schweppes
  • Korea: Maeil Dairy
  • LSK shrink-wrapper: a competitive compact machine
  • SR stretch blow-molders: energy saving is a standard feature
  • Automation: a user-friendly interface
  • Smipack L-sealing machines: the production of the automatic machines increases
  • Shipping: our partnerships with the world leaders of the freight services
  • Solidarity in the foreground
  • 2007 summary: a look at the market
  • 2007 summary: the SMI group grows at "Chinese" rates
  • Exhibitions: a 360° presence
  • _