Change the packaging look. Discover why!


Packaging is considered a real promotional tool like advertising, since it can change the product look and offer competitive advantages.

Find out the benefits of the overlapping cardboard sleeve packers MP ERGON to pack a wide range of containers in several configurations and effectively meet the changeable market needs.

Packaging is important because:


It protects your products:
  • The continuous motion packaging system of the MP ERGON ensures a fluid production process which safeguards the product integrity and quality;

  • The bottom package sealing through hot melt glue is precise and long-lasting;

  • The packages in cardboard blanks are shock-resistant and easy to handle, open and store.


It attracts consumers:
  • A nice package stimulates the end users' sensations and influences the purchasing decisions as it makes use of an original, innovative and practical design, which communicates in a simple way the product “plus”;

  • The packers of the MP ERGON series represent the ideal solution to realize packages with an eye-catching graphics and a strong visual impact which attract the consumers' attention.


Watch the video and discover the new MP ERGON


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