Newsletter n° 9/2009 - Smigroup changes its look

A new global image

At Drinktec 2009, Smigroup will present the global preview of its new logo.

Smigroup has wanted to make the company logo more modern and dynamic to strengthen its identity, in the continuity of the values which have made it possible to achieve international success and growth. An unmistakable graphic symbol of new design will be the emblem of the numerous companies and divisions which make up the Smigroup world.

Newsletter n° 9/2009 - Smigroup changes its look

With the brand restyling, Smigroup wishes to point out the dynamism of its forward-looking company, which is well inserted in a context of innovation and evolution.

The new logo will be introduced progressively from September 2009 and will involve all the companies, divisions and foreign branches which are part of Smigroup.

Newsletter n° 9/2009 - Smigroup changes its look

A simpler, more dynamic brand!

The principle elements of the new Smigroup company logo are three:

1) THE SHAPE - The easy and quick-to-recognise symbol, is a restyling of the "S" of SMI. The shape is dynamic and generates a circular movement, symbol of the energy which expands outwards from the inside. The rotation movement recalls on one side the concept of the rotary technology of the Smiform stretch blow-molders, while the enveloping movement of the two curves which meet to form the "S" bring to mind the concept of "packaging" and so of "protection".

Newsletter n° 9/2009 - Smigroup changes its look

2) THE COLOUR -The brand is personalised by an orange tip: a colour synonymous with freshness and innovation for its ability to "reawaken" the mind. Smigroup has wished to maintain this colour, which was already present in the previous logo.

3) THE CHARACTER - The round shapes recover that of the preceding lettering, but the simpler and more compact style improves its legibility. Smigroup, though belonging to the engineering sector has chosen to maintain round shapes (synonymous with flexibility and dynamism), which tend to "lighten" a brand which, traditionally, the sector would want with more squared shapes.

Newsletter n° 9/2009 - Smigroup changes its look

The appointment to discover Smigroup's new "look" is at Drinktec 2009,  STAND 302 - Hall A6.

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