Optimization and planning: the strategy against the shortage of electronic components


Automation and electronics are the indispensable basis for the realization of technologically advanced solutions in every sector. The packaging industry is not excluded and neither is SMI, that has been investing in R&D for years, in order to be able to supply packaging machines equipped with a high technological content in terms of hardware and software.
Yet, in these months, we are experiencing an atypical and extremely complex situation, shaped by the dramatic shortage of the electronic components.

A phenomenon that is causing a real crisis, but that thanks to a winning strategy, SMITEC, the company of the SMI GROUP that deals with the development and the production of electronic components and automation systems, has been and still is able to counteract. How? By adopting a wise policy for stock management and optimization, which will allow SMI to provide its own customers with in-house electronic devices for a long time.


This is a strategy, standing out for a careful planning by the purchasing department and for a meticulous market analysis. Furthermore, a key role has been played by the domestic production planning and by the continuous development of in-house software and hardware devices, aimed at controlling, monitoring and analyzing the machine parameters. With this policy, SMI and the other companies of the Group want to show their closeness to the customer and to his needs, thus confirming the customer-oriented approach, they have always adopted.

Do you already know all the control and automation solutions that SMITEC offers and that thanks to its supply policy will be able to keep implementing, maintaining the same delivery lead time? MotorNet® System automation systems, Posyc® operator panels, Cosmos digital servo drives and ICOS motors are just some examples. Discover them all!



With the promise to continue implementing policies and strategies to protect the customer and its production efficiency and with the hope that the situation related to the availability of raw materials and electronic devices can soon get back to normal, we remain at your disposal for any doubt or request.

Thanks for your attention.

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Marketing Department
SMI S.p.A.