SMI Group keeps working for you!


Dear Customer,

In light of the new restrictions imposed by Italian authorities, with particular reference to the new decree of March 22, 2020 and subsequent amendments and integrations, measures have been adopted to restrict and limit production activities, except for the essential ones, in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard the health of employees.

We hereby inform you that SMI Group, as a manufacturer of bottling and packaging machines for food & beverage, household cleaning, personal hygiene, chemical and pharmaceutical products, belongs to the essential activities and guarantees the continuity of its production activity.

We assure you that all production, sales and after-sales activities  continue to be performed and we stay at your disposal for giving you all possible support.
In order to provide you with quick and efficient assistance, SMI help desk offers you the following services:


  • Smycall: by calling the number +39.0345.40255, you can create a new request for assistance or return to one that has been requested previously.
  • Smychat: this service allows you to communicate in real time with a technician via chat, thus having the opportunity to add pictures or other attachments.
  • Support request form: by filling in the online form, you will be able to enter all the details of your request for assistance and to be contacted quickly by a help desk technician.
  • Remote internet connection: by connecting directly to the machine control PC, the help desk technician can carry out checks, troubleshoot, solve operational problems and install the updates of the machine control software.
  • AR smart glasses: this tool, that has recently been introduced by SMI to make customer assistance smarter and easier, allows you to receive audiovisual support. Through this system it is possible not only to troubleshoot, but also to do the installation and start-up of machines.



By guaranteeing you the utmost seriousness, transparency and professionalism and with the certainty that together we will be able to face this challenge, we thank you for your collaboration and your trust.


Best regards,



SMI S.p.A.