Badem Pinari water aims high!


A maze of pinnacles, canyons and rugged castles

This is the Cappadocian fairytale landscape, in the heart of Turkey, in Central Anatolia. In this magical region, characterized by enormous stone mushrooms that everyone calls “fairy chimneys”, the company Badem Pinari, leader in the mining sector, decided to diversify its production and to invest in the bottled water industry, focusing on high quality products and excellent service to compete and diversify itself among other companies present in this market.


To achieve these goals, Badem Pinari turned to SMI for the project, creation and installation of a new production line of 22,500 bottles/hour to bottle and pack 0,5 L, 0,33 L and 1,5 L bottles in PET with natural mineral water.

As Murat Badem, owner of the company, explains in an interview, “If we want to have a high quality product, we need to work with reliable and innovative partners like SMI, who supplied us a functional cutting-edge production line”. The new bottling and packaging line meets the requirements of flexibility, control and eco-sustainability of a modern “smart factory”.


The plant supplied by SMI includes an integrated system from the ECOBLOC® range, an automatic labeller, a shrink wrapper from the SK 600 F range and an automatic palletizing system from the APS series; all machines easily and automatically adapt to the production of the market requirements and to the need to quickly switch from one bottle format to another.

The advantages of SMI solution

The new line installed in Badem Pinari is the best solution to achieve the corporate objectives in terms of operational efficiency, energy saving and reduction of production costs:

• efficient and flexible, thanks to the integrated compact solution ECOBLOC® ERGON 12-36-12 EV for stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping bottles in PET;
• production of simple, easy to handle and light-weight bottles (9 g for 0,5 bottles in PET) that ensure greater eco-sustaniability and lower costs;
reduced energy costs related to the production of high pressure compressed air, thanks to the double air recovery system installed on the stretch-blow moulder;
high energy efficiency thanks to IR ray lamps mounted on the preform heating module.

automatic and flexible, thanks to the SK 600F ERGON shrink wrappers packing 0,33 L / 0,5 L / 1,5 L bottles in PET in different pack collations in film only;
precise and constant film tensioning thanks to film reel unwinding controlled by a brushless motor;
reduced energy and maintenance consumption, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technical solutions;
high quality of the final pack, ensured by the uniform distribution of hot air flow on all the pack surface.

flexible palletizing system that easily adapts to any end of line logistic condition;
reduction of maintenance costs and energy consumption, thanks to the machine mechanical simplicity and the use of components derived from robots;
easy and intuitive man-machine interface to easily and quickly manage all the end of line palletizing operations.

fluid and constant movement of loose and packed bottles in PET;
format changeover times reduced to a minimum for the quick switch from one batch to another;
• product guides made from stainless steel and anti-friction UHMW plastic, which maintain the quality of the container.


If you want to find out further information on Badem Pinari and on the advantages offered by the complete lines supplied by SMI, we invite you to read the last issue of our SMI NOW magazine or contact our sales department.

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