SMI solution in film only for All4pack Paris


During All4Pack 2018 - Paris it will be possible to discover the latest innovations in the packaging industry, like the new LSK 30 SF ERGON automatic shirnkwrapper showcased by SMI

A compact, efficient and ergonomic solution suitable for only film packaging needs.


Compact dimension able to meet the needs of those who do not have large production spaces.

Simple & smooth production


Machine equipped with an oscillating device lining up the loose products at the machine inlet.

Better product control and smooth packaging process

Quick change over


Manual change over device, ensuring a quick machine adjustment to handle different format.

Efficient and economic production

Precision and easy control


The film cutting blade is equipped with a brushless motor which directly controls the blade motion.

Precise cutting operation and easy maintenance

Low energy cost


The machine is equipped with high efficiency electrical motors.

Better performance, reduces energy dissipation and lower consumption

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