Enoberg (company part of the SMI Group) electronic fillers can be combined with SMI stretch-blow moulders for creating compact solutions for stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping PET, rPET and PP containers.
The electronic filling system is based on the use of a flow meter for each filling valve. The flow meter detects the flow of the product that fills each bottle; once the correct volume is reached, the flow meter controls the closing of the filling valve.

Characterized by a high operational flexibility and capable of meeting the market requirements in terms of hygiene, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, electronic fillers can be divided as follows:

  • HEVF series suitable for filling flat water, vinegar, juice, fresh milk and detergents
  • HEMF series suitable for filling oil
  • HEVS series suitable for filling carbonated products

HEMF series (oil) - Hyper-clean electronic fillers

HEVS series (carbonated products) - Hyper-clean electronic fillers