Fluid transport of the products

The transport of containers and products from a machine to another one within a bottling line is a crucial factor in order to ensure high performance standards. This procedure must be fluid and constant and must guarantee the maximum operating flexibility, in order to face sudden flow changes, due to unexpected conditions during the machines operation. To this purpose, a last generation automation and control system, as well as sophisticated sensors, ensure high performance standards during all phases of the production cycle.


SMI logistic systems are designed to fully meet the exigencies of fluidity, flexibility and efficiency, thanks to innovative technical solutions and top quality materials:

  • modular structure which can easily fit several types of containers and product flows
  • minimization of the changeover times, in order to quickly switch from a production to another one
  • high operational reliability, thanks to stainless steel AISI 304 frame and components
  • friction and noise levels among the lowest in this sector
  • reduced need of maintenance and cleaning interventions, restricted to a few sections
  • easy and intuitive start and control operations
  • user-friendly technology, thanks to the POSYC operator panel with LCD touch screen
  • energy consumption and operational costs among the lowest of the market.


SMI solutions can guarantee an optimal control of the product flows, thanks to an accurate study of the accumulation, distribution and transport dynamics.