ZF010016 - POSYC holding system from top, including housing aluminum profile.

Machines: LSK - SK - WP

Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

The upgrade includes the installation of the operator panel on a smooth guide at the top of the machine frame without ground support.
This is part of a series of new solutions studied by SMI in order to upgrade to the latest version all the machines already installed on site.

This modification DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SUPPLY OF THE OPERATOR PANEL (POSYC), because it is possible to use the existing one; the installation also implies the repositioning of the safety doors, in order to allow the electrical panel opening: this operation will be carried out by SMI technician during the assembling of the retrofitting.

If not specified in this offer, this product does not include installation and commissioning.

Minimum requirements:
The machine must be equipped with aluminum guides.


- User-friendly control panel;
- Space saving without elements on the ground, which might hamper the operator;
- Elimination of the big connection cable between posyc and machine;
- Easy access to the machine to maintain it and feed it with pad or necessary fittings;
- The control panel is at the operator's disposal at any phase of the intervention, in the different operating stations.


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Spare Parts Department