ZF010015 - Group for a quick change of the product guides in the machine infeed area

Machines: SK

Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

This upgrade consists in supplying the necessary equipment for a quick change of the product guides on the machine infeed conveyor.
The equipment includes a frame for moving the guides and their support; the whole block is easily positioned and fixed onto the infeed conveyor by means of a pulley (not supplied).

The new system offers considerable advantages, since the operator no longer needs to adjust the position of the guides every time he makes a change-over. The equipment is pre-arranged for each format and is adjusted according to the product to be packed, be it loose or already packed (with film or in cardboard boxes).

NOTES: the picture "Ref. A" refers to a general group for a quick change of the guides for loose product; the picture "Ref. B" refers to a general group for packed products.

If not specified, this offer does not include the installation and start-up of the new format (both concerning the parameters and the equipment), nor the technical support (both on site and from SMI).

Minimum requirements:
This upgrade is subject to technical check by the spare parts department.


- Change-over in the machine infeed zone is quicker, since this upgrade eliminates the adjustment of the product guides on the infeed conveyor;
- The product guides are adjusted once, at the first start of the format, then they are no longer modified. Therefore the precision of the adjustment is guaranteed.


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Spare Parts Department

Spare Parts Department