ZF010119 - Replacement of the wrapper infeed double belt with single belt

Machines: SK

Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

This upgrade consists in the replacement of the wrapper infeed double belt with a new-generation single belt.

The original system featured a wrapper infeed group with two belts (Picture 1); the new group features a single belt with a new dead plate.

The new solution (Picture 2) eliminates a possible critical problem; in fact, the single belt ensures better tensioning and better alignment.

This solution also minimizes the problem of lateral movement of the belts, due to the different elongation of the belts and consequent misalignment of the drive roller.

Minimum requirements:
This solution is possible only on SK machines, 8000 series, single and double lane
Dividing bars group to be verified by the technical department, because the new dead plate between the infeed belt and the wrapper belt is 11mm longer.


- there is only one belt, therefore there are no alignment problems in the group
- the roller tensioning is uniform all over the group surface
- longer lifespan of the belt
- no tearing due to anomalous wear
- no operator's intervention


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Spare Parts Department