Special solutions to pack square containers

Special solutions to pack square containers

Find out the new AFW ERGON!

The AFW (Angular Film Wrapper) ERGON series arises from the need to offer a custom machine for packing square or rectangular bottom rigid containers, such as briks, or packages, bundles and clusters (cylindrical containers can be packaged as well, using appropriate optional accessories).

The AFW series is equipped with a 90°-entry product infeed conveyour which ensures a continuous and fluid packaging of odd-shaped containers, such as briks, or products that may be unstable during their motion on a conveyour belt.

This solution ensures an uninterrupted flow of the loose containers coming from the production line on a conveyour belts equipped with low-friction chains. In the shrinkwrapper's infeed section , loose containers are clustered in the required collation by a pneumatic device coupled with an electronic dividing axis (push-in system), before entering the film wrapping section and the shrinking tunnel.

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