Packaging solutions for milk

Packaging solutions for milk

The annual consumption of milk all over the world is around 245 billion liters (source: Canadean).

Milk is one of the most important sources of nutrition in human diets from childhood; its daily consumption is synonymous of wellness and health.

As a consequence, milk packaging is a crucial step in the food chain, starting from the farms up to the sales outlets, where consumers can choose among a wide range of products and packages, in order to meet their nutritional exigencies at various times of the day. Milk and diary processing plants are constantly looking for an ideal packaging mix for different formats, materials, opening/closure systems, in order to preserve the product integrity and to ensure eco-compatibility of the production process. 

Among the containers for milk packaging, the cardboard "brick" is the most common one, with straw or other accessories.

SMI has recently installed a packaging solution for the secondary packaging of rectangular 0,25 L bricks with straw: it consists of a product divider combined with a 90°-infeed shrinkwrapper.

Thanks to a series of conveyors, the cardboard bricks are conveyed to a divider of the DV series, which receives them on single lane, it divides them into more lanes and conveys them to a secondary packaging machine of the LSK series for bundles in film only in 3x2 pack collation.

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