Save your time with SmyCloud!

An innovative service for ever-updated interactive manuals
and online requests for spare parts!

SmyCloud is now available for SMI customers; it is an innovative service of interactive web-browsing of both technical manuals and lists of machine spare parts, where requests for quotation can be automatically created. SmyCloud is accessible from our website in Smipass section ( by entering dedicated username and password.

Click here to request your personal log-in codes!

Who can access SmyCloud?

SmyCloud is available for:

  • All customers who has purchased a machine from SMI from January 1, 2013 onward. Since that date technical manuals have been supplied by SMI through SmyCloud service, to which customers shall log-in by means of their personal access codes emailed to them by SMI before the machine's ex-works delivery date;
  • All customers who purchased a machine from SMI in 2011 and/or 2012, by requesting username and password through an on-line form.

What does SmyCloud offer?

  • Real-time consultation of machine technical manuals, automatically updated by SMI with new features, upgrades, accessories, components, etc;
  • downloading of machine technical manuals in pdf format for immediate saving on the user's personal computer or tablet;
  • spare parts manuals easy to surf, thanks to synoptic tables and detailed drawings to immediately identify the items you need;
  • online selection of spare parts, with on-screen visualization of their price, which can be added to a shopping list to be emailed to SMI as a request for offer;
  • quick feedback by SMI Spare Parts Department, which upon receipt of the request for offer generates and sends back a detailed quotation;
  • file archive of all requests for offers, orders, etc.

How does SmyCloud work?

1.  Consultation of use and maintenance manuals and electrical diagrams.

Consulting online machine technical manuals is easy and user-friendly; moreover, electrical diagrams are always updated to the latest release. Technical documentation can be saved as a pdf file on the user's personal computer or tablet in order to allow off-line browsing.

Click on the following picture and follow the instructions of the tutorial.

2. Consultation of the spare parts manual and creation of a request for offer.

Consulting the spare parts manual and generating a request for offer through SmyCloud is extremely easy:

  • thanks to the interactive synoptic tables SMI customers can display in 3D format on a computer's monitor the different sections of their machines;
  • moving with the mouse onto whatever section of the machine, the technical drawing of the spare parts connected with that section, their identification codes and, when possible, their price appear on the screen;
  • the identification codes selected are automatically added into a shopping list by clicking on them, and the user can choose the freight forwarder to have the parts shipment arranged;
  • through a simple click, the user can email the shopping list to SMI Spare Parts Department,  which in response sends back within short a detailed quotation of the spare parts contained in the list.

Click on the following picture and follow the instructions of the tutorial.

What is Smipass?

Smipass is a reserved area of Smigroup's website, set up to offer customers a high value-added platform of after-sale services and provide them with an up-to-date database of their machines (technical documentation, services, requests, etc.).

In addition to SmyCloud, logged-in users may find in Smipass area further useful services like:

  • SmyReader, an Android app enabling to read SMI spare parts' price and identification code by framing with a smartphone their QR code and then send a request for offer;
  • SmyCall, a dedicated phone helpline including a recall service by SMI expert technicians; SmyCall is free of charge while the machine is under warranty, then it is provided upon payment of a small annual fee.

For further information about this new service you can contact us at, who shall assist your during SmyCloud's activation procedure.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully

Marketing Department
SMI S.p.A.