Newsletter N°4/2012 - Pallet display trays: a simple, cost-saving and eco-friendly packaging solution

Pallet display trays:
a simple, cost-saving and eco-friendly packaging solution!

Smiflexi automatic packers of SK series (shrinkwrappers machine) and WP series (wrap- around casepackers) are now available in a special version, called XL (eXtra Large), capable of packing a large range of containers both in standard size cases and trays and in maxi trays - measuring ¼ europallet (400x600 mm) and ½ europallet (600x800 mm) - known as pallet displays.


Newsletter N°4/2012 - Pallet display trays: a simple, cost-saving and eco-friendly packaging solution

The XL version of Smiflexi packers meets new demands from large-scale retail trade for bigger and bigger packs capable of containing a higher number of products, in order to facilitate storage operations and positioning of each single container on the shelves of points of sales and supermarkets, ensuring remarkable economic and logistic advantages.

More in details, the XL version of SK shrinkwrappers can perform the operations commonly carried out by three different packaging machines:

  • shrinkwrapper, that packs products in film only bundles;
  • trayformer, that makes pallet display trays of ½ europallet (600x800 mm);
  • trayloader, that inserts products into large pallet display trays.

The XL version of the WP wrap-around casepackers, as well, can perform packaging solutions which commonly require the use of two different machines:

  • tray or case former, that packs products in traditional configurations (2x3, 3x4, 3x5 and 4x6);
  • trayformer, that packs a high number of products into trays whose size is equal to 1/4 and 1/2 europallet.

Moreover, pallet display trays are fully compatible with APS palletising systems of Smipal division; the combination of these technologies allows users to dramatically reduce production costs, thanks to the deep integration of secondary and tertiary packaging operations.

Remarkable benefits using Smiflexi packers for producing pallet display trays

The usage of Smiflexi's XL version packers provides countless benefits, among which the most important are:

  • simplification of secondary and tertiary packaging operations;
  • reduction of operation and maintenance costs of the whole production line;
  • reduction of spare parts stock;
  • better employment of machine operators;
  • remarkable savings in terms of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the bottling and packaging line during its whole life cycle.


Newsletter N°4/2012 - Pallet display trays: a simple, cost-saving and eco-friendly packaging solution

In more details, thanks to the use of a single machine the end user can rely on:

  • high operating flexibility: as it is possible to make both common size packs and pallet display packs;
  • social responsibility: packaging materials employed dramatically reduce;
  • energy saving:  the lower consumption of plastic and cardboard packaging material turns into precious energy savings during the packaging material production, the packaging process and the recycling operations;
  • simplified palletisation: palletisation operations speed up and get simpler, as "maxi" size packs allow to complete a single pallet layer by a lower number of insertions  (just only 2 packs per layer for the  ½ pallet format!);
  • trouble-free storage: pallet display trays allow to remarkably reduce the number of operations to move the products down along the whole distribution chain; moreover, even the "unboxing" of each single bottle and its placement on the shops' and supermarkets' shelves becomes quicker and more efficient, since the operator can save time while emptying out cases and trays;
  • enhanced top-load level: pallet display trays produced by Smiflexi packers are made through a wrap-around system and, therefore, are more compact than those produced by old-style trayformers; this solution entails an increase in the top-load value of each product, thus allowing pallets with an additional layer in comparison with traditional solutions.

If you need further information about pallet display trays produced by SMI automatic packers, please feel free to get in contact with our Sales Department.

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