Newsletter N°9/2008 - Integrated Logistics Systems

Logistics problems? Entrust yourself to SMI!

SMI logistics systems are designed to fully meet the exigencies of fluidity, flexibility and efficiency, thanks to innovative technical solutions and top quality materials.

Newsletter N°9/2008 - Integrated Logistics Systems

The transport of containers and products from a machine to another one within a bottling line is a crucial factor in order to ensure high performance standards. To this purpose, an automation and control system of the latest generation, as well as sophisticated sensors, mantains the maximum level of efficiency during all phases of the production cycle.

Air conveyors

Empty PET containers are quickly and trouble-free transferred from the blow molder to the filler.

SMI air conveyors are the ideal solution for the transport of containers of any shape and dimension, thanks to their modular and ergonomic design, great working flexibility and easy maintenance and cleaning operations. 

Newsletter N°9/2008 - Integrated Logistics Systems

Conveyors for loose products or bundles

A quality/ price ratio among the best in the sector!

It's the result of using top-quality components, together with wear-resistant materials.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, SMI conveyors feature a wide range of chain types, in order to optimize the transport of plastic/glass bottles and cans, and several models of rollers ensuring fluid and regular movements, in order to avoid damaging the conveyed products.

Newsletter N°9/2008 - Integrated Logistics Systems

The easiness use during the manufacturing cycle and during the maintenance operations is ensured by the POSYC control panel equipped with colour touch-screen LCD.

The modular design, the “mechatronic” architecture and the high compatibility with other systems make it easier to integrate SMI conveyors in several kinds of bottling and packaging lines, be they already existing or still to be designed, simplifying as well the installation, start-up and commissioning operations.

Newsletter N°9/2008 - Integrated Logistics Systems

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