Bottling in Paradise. Second episode


It’s not a dream, it’s the Maldives

Behind the postcard image of heaven on earth, are companies such as Malé Water & Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd. (MWSC), which, thanks to the growing commitment to sustainable development and the use of cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the economic progress and environmental protection of Maldives. The company adopts latest generation SMI systems for producing and bottling still water capable of drastically reducing the impact on the ecosystem in which they operate.


The first collaboration between SMI and Malé Water dates back to 2012 with “Bottling in paradise” project, consisting in the supply of a complete PET line of 14,000 bottles/hour.

The recent, second project of Bottling in Paradise was necessary for the launch of the new bottle branded ARO. On this occasion, SMI was involved in designing, supplying and installing a glass line for both disposable and returnable containers.

Maldives in a bottle

The "ARO", brand, which in Dhiverhi (the local language) means "fresh", began as a philosophy of life to keep the Maldives in an "aro" state, that is fresh, pure, uncontaminated.

Through the new glass bottles, the MWSC company captures the essence of the pristine purity of the Maldives and spreads the culture of its ecosystem.

ARO water therefore has become an engaging experience for consumers, who are invited to learn more about these beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean, thanks to labels on the 0.5 and 1 L bottles, that, at regular intervals, tell a peculiarity of the Maldives.

For this second "Bottling in Paradise" project, intended for the production of still and sparkling water, the MWSC company chose a filling and capping monobloc from the ELC range by ENOBERG (a company of the SMI Group) and two SMI packaging machines with the pick & place system from the ACP ERGON range 

Main advantages of the new plant
  • Production system equipped with latest generation machines, characterized by cutting-edge solutions for the environmental protection and the reduction of production and maintenance costs and power consumption.
  • Flexible plant, that easily adapts to changing market requirements. The new supply is integrated with the first 14,000 bottles/hour PET line for the bottling and packaging of TaZa bottles and ensures the customer the simultaneous operation of the two production lines.
  • Integration of the plant's management and control systems into a few touch-screen logical units, managed by a small number of operators.
  • The storage of raw materials is centralized in a single area, facilitating the handling of pallets and raw materials.
  • The unloading area of finished products is located on the same side of the line making the production process more fluid and efficient.
ELC monobloc by ENOBERG
  • Rinsing, filling and capping monobloc for level gravity filling.
  • Compact structure that ensures reduced dimensions within the production lines.
  • Low transport and maintenance costs.
  • Quick format changeover to quickly switch from one bottle to another.
  • Independent movement of the machine axes by means of brushless motors with integrated drive (ICOS series).
ACP ERGON packer
  • MWSC chose two SMI packers from the ACP ERGON range for the secondary packaging; the first for the packaging of glass disposable bottles in RSC cases, while the second for the packaging of returnable bottles in plastic crates.
  • The latter was integrated into the pre-existing PET line for the packaging of TaZa PET bottles in RSC cardboard cases.
The advantages of the ACP series
  • Pick & place solution for loose product insertion from above.
  • Flexible solution with the possibility of placing loose product in cardboard boxes, in plastic crates or in cases with pre-mounted separators.
  • Possibility to pack a wide range of products, even the delicate ones, without damaging the labels during the machine functioning.
  • Ergonomic cardboard magazine, located next to the machine, with easy and ergonomic loading of pre-folded blanks.

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