Good health to all! SMI solutions for Arden’s Garden

Only by eating fresh, natural and genuine products, we can feel better

This is what Arden Zinn always thought, a woman dedicated to the well-being of others, who, starting from a simple juicer, founded the company Arden's Garden, one of the most important companies in the United States for the production of juices, fruit extracts and healthy, genuine food. These simple assumptions were the basis for the creation and growth of a modern company that uses packaging systems of the latest generation, such as the ASW 50 F ERGON automatic shrink wrapper by SMI for the packaging of several types of 15.2 oz and 2 oz PET bottles in film only.


The benefits of fruit extracts

Fruit and vegetables are a real concentrate of health; extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, these foods are the fuel for the human body, readily available and easy to digest. Arden's Garden company produces a wide range of cold-pressed juices, a system that does not use heat, oxygen or other pasteurization methods, thus preserving the healthy and curative properties of fruit and vegetables. The American company also produces other delicacies rich in nutrients, such as raw vegan snacks, made with nuts, rolled oats, kale, cashews, almonds, peanut butter and chocolate.


SMI solutions for Arden’s Garden

Arden’s Garden produces a very wide range of fruit juices in 15.2 oz and 2 oz PET bottles, packed in packs in film only by SMI shrink wrapper from the ASW 50 F ERGON range, equipped with a 90° product feeding system. To meet the requirements of such a varied production, the company founded in 1995 by Arden Zinn, uses extremely flexible SMI systems, that, thanks to innovative technical solutions to perform easy, fast and cost-saving format changeover, meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

Main advantages:
  • The ASW 50 F ERGON shrink wrapper is a compact solution that easily adapts to end-of-line logistic conditions and meets production requirements up to 50 packs/minute
  • Ergonomic structure: the single-lane entry facilitates the correct channeling of loose containers on a conveyor belt equipped with low friction thermoplastic chains
  • Reduced size thanks to the machine product entry with 90° configuration
  • Machine equipped with single-lane conveyor: a divider is not required for the product channeling, with consequent economic advantages
  • Loose products are pushed from the infeed to the packaging conveyor smoothly and efficiently thanks to a rotating infeed
  • Easy, fast and cost-saving format changeover: the single-lane entry offers the advantage of processing different types of containers, of various sizes, without having to use additional belt equipment
  • Precise and accurate film cutting operations thanks to the blade controlled by a direct-drive brushless motor
  • High operational flexibility: the ASW range is suitable for processing a wide range of containers with cylindrical, oval or square/rectangular base.
  • Simplified maintenance.



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