Doing the best. SMI solutions for Pascual

Everything comes from the earth and is done for the good of the earth!

In Aranda de Duero, in the Spanish province of Burgos, everything revolves around the concepts of environment, culture, tradition and well-being. In the heart of this fascinating territory lies the headquarters of the Pascual company, a reference point in the food sector, which within the concept of “Doing the best” contains all its history, made of passion, tradition, quality and innovation.

The attention to the planet well-being pushes Pascual to continuous innovation and to the use of increasingly sustainable solutions within its production plants, which are equipped with machines of the latest generation, such as SMI combined packaging machines of the CM FP range.


“Doing the best” means constantly improving to offer new products, new combinations of flavors, new sustainable packaging solutions and new packs.

Pascual has been collaborating with SMI for years for the packaging process of the production lines in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), Gurb (Barcelona) and some plants abroad (such as that in San Juan del Rio in Mexico, where 6 packaging machines are installed).

Pascual means history, tradition, culture and sustainable development

At the Aranda de Duero plant (Burgos) there are currently four packaging machines supplied by SMI for the secondary packaging, in particular two combined machines of the CM range, a shrink wrapper of the SK range and a packaging machine of the MP range for packaging 0.15 L, 0.2 L, 0.25 L and 0.5 L containers in 2x2, 1x2 and 1x3 clusters.


At the Gurb plant (Barcelona), a combined SMI packaging machine of the CM range was recently supplied to Pascual; this is used for packaging 1.5 L milk bottles in wrap-around cardboard boxes (in 2x2 and 2x4 formats) and in 3x2 100% recycled film-only bundles.


CM ERGON packer

The ideal solution for every packaging need


The choice to install a combined packaging machine of the CM range at the Gurb plant stems from the need to have a flexible machine able to meet the needs of a constantly evolving food market, which forces companies in the sector to adopt increasingly dynamic, competitive and flexible production processes. The frequent changes in consumer habits and preferences impose new competitive challenges and a great ability to adapt, on the “food & beverage” industry, both with regard to the range of products to be offered and the packaging.


The CM range does its best in packaging plants characterized by frequent changes in format or product, like the CM FP 800 model chosen by Pascual, that processes 1.5 L PET milk bottles in wrap-around boxes in 2x2 and 2x4 formats and 3x2 bundles in film only.


Main advantages of SMI solution for Pascual

All models of the CM range are designed to guarantee high levels of flexibility and versatility to the user. With the installation of just one single packaging machine, high-quality packaging can be produced in film only, tray + film, pad + film, tray only and cardboard boxes completely or partially closed. The CM is a versatile machine, able to switch quickly and easily from one type of production to another, and is the most suitable answer to intercept every new market demand, which also allows Pascual to manage the production process in an efficient, flexible and economical way. For instance, when the processing program involves packaging in tray or wrap-around boxes only, the heating tunnel and the film wrapping system are automatically deactivated by the machine control system.

  • Possibility to pack a wide variety of containers at a maximum speed of 80 packs / minute;
  • System equipped with a heating tunnel with metal chain, which ensures a better splicing of the film below the package;
  • The tray+ film and film only formats are made with the use of 100% recycled shrink film; it is an advantageous and eco-sustainable solution, which allows Pascual to give a second life to plastic and reduce the carbon footprint of the raw material;
  • The CM range is particularly suitable for bottling lines with frequent changes from one product to another or from one format to another, and to easily adapt to the future needs related to the marketing strategies of food & beverage producers;
  • Great quality/price ratio;
  • High level of performance and reliability.

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