SMI's 3R for a compact and eco-sustainable end-of-line

SMI's 3R for a compact and eco-sustainable end-of-line

The end-of-line solutions showcased by SMI at Interpack 2023's booth B15, Hall 13 meet the requirements of a market that has been paying attention to “environment-friendly” solutions and to the 3R rule of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Stand B15, Hall 13

Come and discover the latest technical solutions supplied by SMI for the secondary and tertiary packaging field to cut costs, save energy and increase competitiveness!

"Plastic-free" multipack

Re-packing in cardboard boxes

  • The new TPP automatic packer is a technologically advanced packaging solution that stands out for respect for the environment, advanced automation and flexibility of use.
  • It was created for the secondary packaging of various types of cans by means of a cardboard pad applied onto the upper part of the pack.
  • The model, showcased at Interpack trade fair, packs 0.33 L cans in 2x3 format.
  • It allows to reduce the amount of packaging material used, without compromising the product protection and the pack functionality.
  • These multipacks, which do not require the use of glue, meet the demands for environmentally sustainable packaging.


  • The automatic pick & place case packer from the ACP ERGON series is the ideal solution for packaging in RSC cardboard cases (the so-called “American boxes”).
  • Cardboard box is a packaging with a simple, but effective design, optimized according to the size of the product to be packed and ideal to maximize the visibility of the brand on the shelves in the points of sale.
  • The ACP 20 S ERGON case packer showcased at Interpack processes multipacks of 2x3 cans coming from the TPP ERGON machine, stacking them on two layers within the box.
  • The result of the packaging process is a robust and resistant pack, firmly closed by adhesive tape.
  • The case packer is also available in the version with box sealing by means of hot melt glue.
Compactness, easy management and advanced automation
  • The compactness of the end-of-the-line presented at Interpack is enhanced by the presence of the APS 620 ERGON automatic palletizing system.
  • Versatile solution for products processing, which is flexible in adapting to format changeover and efficient in avoiding damages during the handling operations.
  • Compact and ergonomic frame, that guarantees a considerable space saving within the production line and allows the operator to easily and safely perform all activities related to the installation, management and maintenance operations.
  • Possibility to create several palletizing patterns.
  • Operations managed by a user-friendly machine automation and control system, thanks to an extremely intuitive graphic interface.
  • Electrical cabinet, located outside the protection barriers, that remains cabled during transport and that can then be immediately installed at the customer’s plant.

If you want to discover all bottling and packaging solutions supplied by SMI, we will be waiting for you at Interpack 2023 at booth B15, Hall 13 or we invite you to contact our sales department.

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