Lala Mexico: tastiness and authenticity in practical packages


Lala, leader in Mexico for the production of high-quality dairy products, has become a large and global company, starting from small, but significant details that have been appreciated by many consumers.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other occasion, Lala’s mission has always been “Nurturing everyone’s life”, producing high-quality fresh and natural products to be enjoyed at any time of the day.


The Mexican company, that has over 65-years-experience in the production and marketing of a wide range of milk beverages, continues growing and keeping these principles alive thanks to innovative solutions that take care of the consumer’s well-being.

Starting from these considerations, Lala has recently turned to SMI for the installation of the sixth shrink wrapper from the SK ERGON range for the secondary packaging of 0.25 L HDPE bottles in bundles in shrink film.

Several lines for the production and packaging of a wide variety of company brands in several pack types and configurations are currently installed in the 29 plants of Grupo Lala.

The continuous cooperation between the company and its suppliers is essential for the business success in order to meet the growing market requirements.


Within an environmental sustainable industrial approach, Lala has been investing in cutting-edge production technologies to improve the plants and reduce the energy consumption and the carbon footprint of its activity.

An example is represented by the secondary packaging machines from the SK ERGON range and by the conveyor belts supplied by SMI for the new production line of Yoghurt Bebible, that adopt innovative solutions in an IoT key and ensure high levels of efficiency and plant productivity.


Thanks to easy and fast format changeover operations, the shrink wrapper from the SK ERGON range is an extremely flexible hi-tech solution for packing 0.25 L small containers in bundles of 6 pieces (3x2 format, film only) or in larger formats of 24 pieces (6x4 pack), as it allows to switch without interruption from one production program to another according to the market demand.



Main advantages of SMI line solutions

SK 600F ERGON shrink wrapper for packing 0.25 L HDPE bottles of different flavors of yogurt in packs in film only in 6x4, 4x2 and 3x2 formats on double lane with an output up to 60 packs/minute.

Main advantages:

- Automatic packer suitable for packing products in several pack configurations in film only
- Easy and fast format changeover to switch from one production to another in a short time
- Compact and ergonomic structure
- Maintenance, energy consumption and noise level reduced to a minimum, thanks to motors that are directly connected to the transmission axis
- Machine equipped with optimized guides, sides and winder for processing small 0.25 L HDPE bottles
- Optional device for processing 3x2 packs in film only in double lane

Conveyor belts for the transport of loose products at the infeed of SK 600F ERGON shrink wrapper and transport of bundles at the machine outfeed.

Main advantages:

- Smooth handling of loose products and of packs at the shrink wrapper outfeed
- Simplified maintenance operations
- Easy and intuitive man-machine interface
- Format changeover times reduced to a minimum, to quickly switch from one production to another


If you want to have further information on the line solution installed at Lala and on the advantages offered by SMI machines, we invite you to read the last issue of our SMI NOW magazine or to contact our sales department.

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