Big bottles. Big savings. PET and rPET high-capacity containers


PET and rPET high-capacity containers: SMI solutions

In the beverage industry, container design plays a key role in the enhancement of the product and the competitiveness of the companies, that, in order to meet the consumers’ various needs, increasingly use sustainable containers with different sizes.


EBS KL HC ERGON stretch-blow moulders

the ideal solution to produce PET and rPET containers up to 10 liters

In terms of size, high-capacity containers, such as 5, 8 and 10 L containers, arouse growing interest, especially in the companies that pay attention to green and cost-saving solutions. By using high-capacity bottles, in fact, fewer containers are required to reach a certain product volume and therefore, logistic, handling and disposal costs are reduced.

SMI has decades of experience
in the manufacturing of machines for the production of high-capacity containers, as well as in the design of bottles that meet customers’ functional and aesthetic requirements.



SMI develops innovative containers, such as the stackable “Neck-in-bottles”, that, thanks to a particular design of the hollow of the bottom, offer the advantage of:

- optimizing the space of the pallet
- reducing the packaging costs: the cardboard interlayer pads are not needed
- lower transport and storage costs, thanks to the higher number of bottles on each pallet
- reducing the waste: the bottle necks are subject to fewer breakages during the palletizing phase
- improving the aesthetic aspect of the pallet, that results more compact and that can be graphically customized


Sustainable containers

Within the circular economy concept, all the main bottling companies require innovative packaging solutions that ensure economic and energy saving.
Thanks to an advanced CAD center for 3D design, SMI has invested heavily in solutions for producing rPET bottles and for supporting companies in the study and graphic realization of a wide range of high-capacity containers that are 100% recyclable, of high quality and lightweight for saving energy and material.


All bottling and packaging solutions supplied by SMI are inspired by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)  principles and ensure cost saving, energy saving, environmental sustainability and higher competitiveness.

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