Automation and digitization. Discover the new SK ERGON


The bottling and packaging industry is experiencing a rapid evolution, triggered also by the new purchase habits caused by the pandemic. However, thanks to the advantages offered by digitization and automation in production processes, changes can be tackled efficiently and sustainably.

In order to meet these requirements, SMI has renewed the historic range of the SK series shrink film packaging machines, that, depending on the product to be processed, represents the ideal solution for an output up to 450 packs/minute (on triple lane). The series has been enriched with hi- tech solutions of the latest generation in order to further reduce the production and management costs and ensure high levels of production flexibility and efficiency.

Innovative Easy-load magazine

The P and T models on double lane, suitable for packs in flat cardboard pad + film and tray + film are equipped with an Easy-load automatic system for loading cardboard blanks as standard, composed of conveyors with rubberized belts for feeding the cardboard magazine. The advance of the cartons along the conveyor and their loading into the magazine are controlled by the machine automation and control system.

>> Efficiency and precision in the management of cardboard blanks with different thickness: ideal solution for packing different types of containers in various formats

>> Ergonomic design that allows the operator to easily load the stack of cardboard blanks onto the magazine infeed conveyors

Motors with integrated digital servo drives

SK ERGON shrink wrappers are fitted with Smitec ICOS motors equipped with integrated servo drives as standard, designed to ensure high performance and considerable energy saving.

>> Servo drives exploit the energy generated by the motors during the deceleration phase, sharing it with other devices installed on the packer

>> Space-saving solution that allows to reduce the size of the electrical panels and of the conditioning system

>> High flexibility, thanks to a rich set of on-board I / O, to the real-time fieldbus and to sophisticated control algorithms


No maintenance with self-lubricating chains

The new SK ERGON are equipped with special self-lubricating chains, that ensure important advantages:

>> no use of lubricant that could come into contact with the packaged food product

>> simplification of the maintenance operations, as the intervention of the operator for adding the lubricant between the chain links is not required


Easy format changeover

The latest generation SK ERGON series packaging machines are fitted with sides on the infeed conveyor as standard, equipped with side guides with new rollers and profiles, which allows:

>> the simplification of the format changeover

>> the reduction of the time to switch from one pack configuration to another, very advantageous for the companies that pack containers of different diameters in several formats

>> high levels of production efficiency


Intelligent data analysis

SK ERGON shrink wrappers have their own digital intelligence, which allows the installation of a SWM line supervisor. It is an optional software designed to improve the overall machine efficiency, reduce the time for the plant maintenance and speed up the format changeover operations. SWM line supervisor can record, analyze, automatically modify the production and operating parameters, exchange data and information with other machines and systems within a bottling and packaging line, carry out self-diagnostic activities and notify the operator the need for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance interventions.


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