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Thanks to the wide range of SMI stretch-blow moulders you will be able to manufacture containers of different shapes and sizes, from 0.10 L up to 10 L, in PET or rPET. The advantages of these machines are further enhanced, when the blower is combined with a filler and a capper, which means considerable advantages in terms of space, energy and cost saving. After the bottle is produced, there are several packaging solutions SMI can offer: film and cardboard packaging are just two examples.


By clicking on the first line, you will be able to find out the advantages of our shrink wrappers, capable of packing a wide range of containers and of processing standard or 100% recyclable film. By selecting the second line, you will find out our new ACP case packers, capable of packing a wide range of containers in RSC boxes: an excellent choice for protecting your products. The end-of-line operation is made efficient by our palletizing systems, composed of several modules configurable in a customized manner.

What do these machines have in common?
Their compliance with Industry 4.0 and eco-sustainability!

All SMI machines are equipped with IoT technology, so that production and operating parameters are recorded, analyzed, optimized and automatically changed; the machines that are part of the same line exchange data and information and self-diagnostic tests are run to detect and solve faults or anomalies. This allows to monitor in real-time the industrial plant efficiency and to intervene remotely in case of problems.

SMI has been investing in solutions that fully protect the environment, in order to provide food and beverage manufacturers with systems for reducing the carbon footprint, energy consumption and material waste. Air Master recovery system, methane-heated tunnel and machines for processing 100% recycled film and 100% recycled preforms are just some examples of the solutions supplied by SMI. Pay a visit to our virtual showroom to discover the others!

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