Packaging! When a glance is enough to draw the attention


...When a glance is enough to draw the attention!

There are many factors that influence the way customers perceive a brand and the product packaging is definitely one of these!

In particular, beauty products are famous for their elaborate packaging, that is very important to distinguish oneself on the crowded shelves with dozens of different brands.


In a split second customers judge the product quality simply with the eyes. For this reason, a lot of attention must be paid to the product packaging, as the right packaging can help increase sales.


SMI solutions for the end-of-line secondary packaging are designed to meet the needs of flexibility and efficiency and are suitable for packing several types of containers, even with particular shapes, typical of detergents and personal care products.

For instance, among the many packaging modes available for the packaging of containers of shampoo, shower gel or other personal care products, SMI offers trays and corrugated cardboard wrap-around boxes manufactured by the packers from the LWP ERGON range for productions up to 30 packs/minute.


The advantages of wrap-around case packers

The wrap-around packaging system forms the cardboard box and contains within it the containers by using a single machine: the case packer.

This is a compact solution with a great quality-price ratio, that is suitable for any logistics configuration.



The corrugated cardboard wrap-around boxes are very resistant to shock and so are the ideal solution for preserving the integrity and the quality of the products included.


Moreover, this type of packaging is a great marketing tool, thanks to the ample opportunities for graphic customization that make the pack a valuable promotional vehicle of the product sold.


The packs manufactured by the wrap-around case packers are more stable.

The cardboard blank is folded and accurately wrapped around the products simultaneously to their grouping in the desired format, avoiding machine downtimes.


The LWP ERGON entry level packer belongs to a wide range of case packers produced by SMI, that ensure flexible, efficient, eco-friendly, easy-to-manage and easy-to-monitor productions within packaging lines of several sectors for productions up to 80 packs/minute.


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