Whichever shape your product features, SMI has the right box for you!


Monobloc case packers for RSC boxes

Every day in the world billions of doses of beverages, food and hygiene and cleaning products are consumed. They are marketed in containers with thousand shapes and countless features, that need adequate protection during handling and captivating look in order to draw consumers' attention. For this reason, packaging is a key factor to be taken into account in business strategies aimed at boosting sales.

Cardboard boxes are an example of packaging with a simple but effective design, optimized depending on the size of the product to be packed and ideal for maximizing the visibility of the pack on retail shelves thanks to the possibility of graphic customization.

With the launch of the new range of automatic case packers with pick & place system of the ACP ERGON range, SMI got into the packaging in RSC cases, thus providing customers with a valid alternative to traditional packaging solutions in wrap-around cardboard cases.

Compact and ergonomic structure


The new ACP case packers feature a solid monobloc structure that combines all the machine functions: product separation, loose product insertion with top loading system, carton magazine, case sealing.
The packaging process is alternate (stop & go) through a pick & place system, capable of making RSC packs at the maximum speed of 20 packs per minute (depending on the format).


Versatility of use and product protection


ACP range can pack several types of products, such as bags and packs of pasta, rice and coffee, as well as oval containers (shampoo, liquid soap and detergents) and briks (tea, juices), simply by changing the gripper/suction cup.
Thanks to the pick & place system, the new SMI case packers are also suitable for packing very delicate and exclusive products, such as wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs, without damaging the label during processing in the machine.
Thanks to the extreme versatility of the ACP series, the products to be packed can also be stacked inside RSC cases, that are very robust and resistant (high top load).



Ease of control and advanced automation

The carton magazine is placed next to the machine, thus allowing to load the pre-folded blanks in an easy and ergonomic way.
The new SMI pick & place case packers are equipped with MotorNet System® automation and control technology based on Sercos fieldbus, that makes the plant fully compliant with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) principles.
ACP ERGON models are available in two versions: with tape sealing (ACP S) or hot melt glue sealing (ACP G).



If you want to discover other advantages of the new ACP ERGON packers, we invite you to visit our website or to contact our sales department.


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