Quick & effective assistance with AR glasses!

Quick troubleshooting and reduction of machine downtime are not only the goals each after-sales service wants to achieve, but also a quality indicator of a manufacturer and a value that is highly appreciated by customers

SMI, as a customer-oriented company, has been working hard to achieve these two objectives and, in order to do so, it has been developing new services designed to speed up and simplify assistance.
The latest is represented by AR glasses: a tool featuring audio-visual assistance, that allows SMI technicians to guide the machine operators and help them solve problems.



AR glasses are extremely easy to use: the machine operator frames the QR code license, is put in contact with SMI Help Desk and receives audio-visual support. 
Watch the video to find out how it works and how it can be useful to you!

Advantages of AR glasses

AR glasses allow to save costs and time on on-site interventions


Machine downtime is reduced with advantages in terms of production yields


Audio-visual assistance enables to solve problems more easily and quickly


SMI technician can send specific documents to the operator's glasses

To get more information on AR glasses, click here and read our brochure.
If you have further questions or want to subscribe an annual contract including smart glasses and a software license, SMI customer service is at your disposal.


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