New ASW ERGON packer. FachPack 2019 preview!


Innovating, the industry challenge to be more competitive!


At Fachpack 2019 in Nuremberg, that is taking place from 24th to 26th September, SMI presents the world premiere of the new ASW 50F ERGON, a compact version with single lane infeed of the automatic packers from the SK range that SMI has been successfully selling for over 20 years.

Thanks to innovative solutions in terms of modular assembly, space reduction, advanced ergonomics and latest generation automation, the new ASW ERGON automatic shrink wrappers include the best technology for secondary end of line packaging.

The ASW ERGON series includes several models of shrink wrappers with single lane 90º product infeed, suitable to pack a wide range of cylindrical, oval or square/rectangular containers at a speed of max. 80 packs/minute.



Compactness and cost-effectiveness


The reduced size of the packer is easily adapted to the logistic end of line conditions.

Thanks to the single lane infeed, a divider is not necessary to lane the products.

Ergonomics and safety

Innovation is for SMI also conveyed by ergonomics, that plays in the workplace an always more important role for managing the health and safety of line operators: the single lane infeed, preferably placed on the opposite side of the operator facilitates the correct laning of the loose containers on the conveyor; the cardboard magazine (for P and T models) is placed at the operator side, for a more ergonomic, easier, quicker and safer cardboard loading.



Flexibility and ease of use

With the single lane infeed, it is possible to work lots of different kinds of containers, with different sizes, without having to have additional belt equipment. Therefore, format changeover is much faster and easier, as there is no need to regulate the guides on the different lanes.

The film cutting unit of the ASW ERGON, featuring a compact design, is equipped with a blade that is driven by a brushless motor with “direct-drive” transmission, this improves the precision and accuracy of the cutting operation and simplifies maintenance operations.


If you want to find out further advantages of the new ASW ERGON shrink wrappers, we will be waiting for you at Fachpack exhibition in Nuremberg at our booth 441, hall 3A or we invite you to contact our sales department.


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