The fruit colours... from the fields to the packs!


A burst of bright colours: yellow, red, green, blue, without any shades, that put together become a rainbow. We are in Guatemala!

And there are colours even in Alimentos Maravilla S. A. production plants, where everything wears the fascinating shades of the fruit; these shades go through the whole bottling process of drinks and beverages, packed at the end of the line by a new LSK 40F ERGON shrink wrapper provided by SMI.


Alimentos Maravilla boasts a portfolio of more than 100 types of beverages and liquid food based on fruit, sold with the most prestigious brands on the market: Del Monte, Tampico, Nectar Maravilla, Sipi, Del Frutal, Del Frutto, V8 Splash, Natura. In more than 30 years of activity, the Guatemalan company has acquired a leading market position in Guatemala and its neighbouring countries.

Leading companies need cutting edge technology

Among Alimentos Maravilla strengths there are close relationship with suppliers and great investments in Research & Development for the creation of new products. The growth and the success of the company are also due to the strategic choice of equipping its plants with latest generation machinery, which produce efficiently and with reduced costs, such as the recently installed SMI LSK 40F ERGON shrink wrapper and the conveyor belts for handling loose and packed products.

A changing market needs flexibility

Alimentos Maravilla has to satisfy the countless requirements of the food and beverage market and as a result quickly switch from a production to another and from a pack configuration to another; such aim can only be reached by using the latest technologies created for the “smart factory” such as the automation and management MotorNet System® that controls the automatic LSK 40F ERGON shrink wrapper.

The advantages of SMI solution for Alimentos Maravilla

- Flexible plant, easily and quickly adapted to different types of products worked efficiently and economically.
- Rapid format changeover for switching from a pack configuration to another; the LSK 40F ERGON shrink wrapper, indeed, packs PET and PP bottles, cardboard briks and cans, in different format, with a maximum output of 40 packs/minute.
- Automatic machine equipped with the optional device for packing in film only in double lane: solution offering greater flexibility to the customer to work 3 x 1 and 3 x2 packs.
- The LSK ERGON shrink wrapper has very compact dimensions and represents the best solution to satisfy the needs of those who do not have much space.
- Film cutting unity with compact design, equipped with blade controlled by a brushless direct transmission motor with “direct-drive”, making the cutting operation more precise and the maintenance easier.
- Great quality-price ratio: despite the use of technologically advanced solutions and highly reliable components, LSK ERGON series has very competitive prices.

SMI ERGON shrink wrapper series enables to pack a wide range of containers in a flexible, efficient and eco-friendly way and to manage and monitor the plant even remotely thanks to the smart technology with which the machines are equipped.

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