The technical training courses organized by SMI Training Center are addressed to line operators, maintenance engineers, production managers and electrical, electronic and mechanical managers who want to take advantage of the full potential offered by SMI machines and increase their operating efficiency. Training courses are held by specialized trainers who can transmit all necessary knowledge to fully satisfy the needs of the operator who is going to use SMI machines. The training method adopted includes theoretical training, held in a classroom with the support of various teaching tools, and practice training held in machine assembly lines, which allows trainees to immediately assess the quality of the information received in the classroom.

The courses proposed by SMI Training Center are usually addressed to groups of maximun 6 people, so as to ensure the most effective transfer of technical knowledge and to carry out the most accurate judgement  of participants at the end of the educational path. Training courses are held both at SMI's headquarters in San Giovanni Bianco  and at the customer's facility; in the latter case a classroom is required on site for the theoretical part of the training and the machine's operating process must be interrupted to carry out the pratice session. 
SMI training courses are well-structured and their duration varies in accordance with the matters to deal with and with the level of in-depth analysis to achieve.