Semi-automatic palletizing systems

APS 615 ERGON Series

APS 615 - Palletizer

APS 615 is an ultra-compact palletizer, suitable for low speed production plants, that stands out for its easy installation, management and maintenance.
The core of this semi-automatic palletizing system is composed of the structure in which the three Cartesian axis system, performing the pallet formation, is positioned. It is added to the infeed conveyor, the product picking head and the machine guards.
At the palletizer infeed, the product arrives at the product feeding conveyor and is cadenced by a rubber conveyor. Later, it is brought into the picking position by a distancing conveyor, where the gripping head picks the pack, individually or grouped, and places it on the pallet fed by specific roller conveyors. The cyclic repetition of this operation enables to form several palletizing layers. The full pallet is moved to the unloading area and, at the same time, at the infeed, in the formation area, a palletizing feeding system positions a new empty pallet, so that a new palletizing cycle can start.

The APS 615 works 800x1200 and 1000x1200 mm europallets (other formats are available upon request).

All operations are controlled by a user-friendly automation and control system of the machine, ensured by an extremely intuitive graphic interface, a touchscreen display and diagnostic functions and technical support in real time on POSYC®.

APS 615
Speed (PPM)15

Compact and ergonomic structure

The compact and ergonomic structure ensures great space saving inside the bottling line and allows the operator to easily and safely carry out all the activities related to the use, cleaning and maintenance of the plant.

Pick & place system

The electric panel represents a distinct module that is not unwired during transport and therefore can be installed immediately at the customer’s plant. This results in a great simplification of the machine configuration.

Operational flexibility

The use of innovative, smart and customized technical solutions ensures great advantages in terms of operational flexibility and economic competitiveness of the processes. In particular, SMI palletizers from the APS series enable to create several palletizing patterns according to the specific requirements of the customer and offer wide customization possibilities in order to adapt to the changeover, product change and/or plant layout requirements.

Quick and precise movements

The machine axes are controlled by brushless motors that ensure highly dynamic, harmonic and precise movements.

Low operating costs and reduced maintenance

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is optimized thanks to low operating and maintenance costs.


SMI palletizers from the APS series are an eco-friendly solution, thanks to the use of ICOS motors with built-in servo-driver, able to simplify the machine wiring and ensure greater energy efficiency, low noise level and reduced component wear.


Product feeding conveyor

The product arriving at the palletizer is cadenced by the rubber conveyor. The distancing conveyor moves the product to the picking position (depending on the product size and palletizing pattern required, even more products can be accumulated on the picking conveyor). If the palletizing pattern needs to pick more packs, the latter are brought by a cylinder into an additional station and then picked by the gripping head.


Product gripping head

These palletizers can be equipped with different gripping heads; in particular, depending on the user’s production needs, a side, a vacuum or a magnetic gripping head can be installed. The first one is ideal for any type of pack and involves the movement of the product picking rubber paddles by means of two cylinders. The second one is ideal for boxes and involves the movement of the products by means of vacuum generators (the number of the latter depends on the size of the pack processed). The third one is suitable for metal containers, that are handled by means of a permanent magnet mounted on the gripping head. The gripping head is equipped with a motor for the product rotation, so that the pack is placed on the layer in the position required by the palletizing pattern.


Machine guards

Net guards installed directly on the machine edge; the pallet load/unload is performed by a double-swing door equipped with a safety lock with electromagnet.


Pad-inserting device (optional)

The pad-inserting module is a pad feeding system adjustable according to the different size of the interlayer pad, that can be matched to the structure of the palletizer. The suction-cup gripping system with 4 adjustable points ensures the accurate lifting of any kind of interlayer pad. The loading of the pads into the magazine is performed manually by the machine operator.


Additional door (optional)

A second side access door can be added as an optional device to facilitate possible interventions on the cadence conveyor and on the pallet.

Images are for illustrative purposes and data are not binding, as they have to be confirmed by SMI according to the machine user's production conditions and technical specifications.