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The most preeminent market research institutes have found out that in retail points of sales (such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.) the so called "impulsive buying" often prevails.

An innovative and transport-friendly packaging is the key sales support to draw the customer's attention towards a specific product.

SMI, a leading manufacturer in the "packaging machinery" sector, is extremely aware of this reality and offers to its clients a wide range of hi-tech packaging machines that can handle highly innovative and customized packaging solutions.

Newsletter N°1/2008 - Special application for multipacks

MP series carton sleeve multipackers, for example, are the ideal choice to produce "eye-catching" multipacks that hit the customer's attention, are crash-proof and can easily be handled, opened and stored.

Newsletter N°1/2008 - Special application for multipacks

Bottles, cans, brik and jars made of plastic, metal and glass can be packed in a large spectrum of package types:

- multi-layered products
- NT (neck through) or OTT (over the top) bottle clusters
- built-in handle packs
- additional strengthening flaps (both top or bottom of the pack)

Newsletter N°1/2008 - Special application for multipacks

MP multipackers assure the top quality of the final pack and provide trouble-free performances up to 300 packs per minute.

For further information about the complete series and corresponding outputs, please contact SMI sales department.

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