ZF010368 - ZF010369 - Air Master compressed air recovery upgrade


Benefits: Environment care - Energy saving - Cost cutting

Air Master recovery system: key features
All of EBS ERGON stretch-blow moulders of the latest generation are equipped with a built-in, high efficiency air recovery system, named AIR MASTER, which allows to recover air from the blowing circuit.
The system is based on a two-stage architecture (1st and 2nd stage), as follows:

  • On EBS HC / E / K models, the 1st stage allows to re-use the air recovered to feed:
    • the service air circuit
    • the low-pressure line feeding external units
    • the pre-blowing circuit
  • On EBS E / K models, the 2nd stage (PX tank) allows to re-use the air recovered to feed:
    • the 1st stage of the blowing process

The Air Master system ensures a remarkable reduction in the compressed air consumption and a substantial energy saving, thanks to the lesser use of the high pressure air compressor.

Air Master recovery system: upgrade package
On EBS HC and EBS hybrid models equipped with "compact blow" valves an upgrade package of the Air Master system can be installed through this upgrade the standard single-stage recovery circuit, which enables to re-use in low pressure utilities the air recovered, is turned into a single-stage recovery circuit based on a PX tank, which allows to convey the air recovered directly into the 1st stage of the high pressure blowing process.
In more detail, this upgrade package consists of the installation of a PX tank and of the update of.the software managing the "compact blow" valves.
Thanks to such an upgrade, the Air Master recovery system allows to cut energy consumption as regards the compressor employed to generate high pressure compressed air, since this latter is partially recovered and directly let into the blowing circuit.
Therefore, the end user can get a remarkable increase in the air recovery (this value varies in accordance with production conditions) and, then, an equivalent cost reduction of up 30%*

*Example of the energy saving that can achieved in optimal working conditions according to the following parameters: 8 blowing stations - 2250 bph / station - 1.5 L bottle - 33 bar blowing pressure - 4000 h / year - €/h consumption based on the average cost of electricity in Italy in 2019/2020. The comparison refers to machines not equipped with this system.

Minimum requirements:

  • Available for stretch-blow moulders equipped with "compact blow" compact blowing valves.
  • The upgrade operation has to undergo a preliminary feasibility check by SMI technical dept.


  • Remarkable reduction in the compressed air consumption
  • Substantial energy saving
  • Lesser use of the high pressure air compressor
  • Reduction in the maintenance costs of the compressor


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