Machine update (SmyUpgrades)

ZF010128 - Replacement of shock absorbers


Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

This upgrade consists in the replacement of the shock absorbers in the mold-holder group and in the stretch group with a new-generation model.

This upgrade consists in the replacement of all shock absorbers in the machine (in the mold-holder group and in the stretch group).

The new model differs from the traditional one for a new technology allowing a regular deceleration, without jerky movements; as a result, the energy absorbed during the deceleration is optimized.

This technology ensures reliability and top safety at medium-high speed, besides allowing the reduction of the shock absorber size.

Thanks to this technology, the shock absorber is ideal for high outputs, in fact its lifespan is multiplied by 1,5 and it grants a greater regulation tolerance: it was successfully tested at a speed rate of 2000 bph per mold, for 3000 hours.

Thanks to its reduced size, the new application can be installed by simply using an adapter, supplied along with it.

Minimum requirements:
Can fit all machines, except SR HC series, which can be installed only in the mold-holder group.


- More safety and longer lifespan
- Smoother, gradual deceleration
- Longer life of the components
- More reliability at medium-high speed


SMI S.p.A.

Spare Parts Department Manager