ZF010012 - 3000 System Posyc & Marts upgrade

Machines: LSK - SK - WP

Benefits: Efficiency increase - Process automation - Technology update

The retrofit includes the whole upgrade of the machine control system, both for the hardware and for the software components.
This is part of a series of new solutions studied by SMI in order to upgrade to the latest version all the machines already installed on site.

The implementation includes the substitution of the hardware components like POSYC and MARTS with state-of-the-art models equipped with the latest firmware releases available.
The new products feature high technology and grant top-level performance; for example the new MARTS 3000 can ensure faster control routines, thus increasing the precision of the machine shafts in motion. The POSYC 3000 (HMI) is equipped with a solid-state hard drive and with a data protection software (EWF) that grants higher safety of the data stored in the operator panel and a longer life of the hardware components.

The system is also equipped with a new release of the machine control software, including the latest functions and featuring a more intuitive, user-friendly graphic layout , thanks to the presence of a synoptic chart of the machine instead of the standard command buttons. It is still possible to provide, upon request, the new hard-soft system with all new features but keeping the old graphics.

If not specified in this offer, this product does not include installation and commissioning.

Minimum requirements:
The upgrade can be installed on all machines equipped with Motornet System®.


- New functions for troubleshooting and new user-friendly graphics;
- Modern hardware with higher performance and longer life;
- Standardization of spare parts for all machines.


SMI S.p.A.

Spare Parts Department

Spare Parts Department