ZF010017/18 - Motorized product stabilizer

Machines: LSK - SK

Benefits: Efficiency increase - Technology update

The upgrade consists in implementing a device called “Motorized product stabilizer”.
This is part of a series of new solutions studied by SMI in order to upgrade to the latest version all the machines already installed on site.

The group is composed of a rubber motorized belt synchronized with the product. This synchronization, made possible by a dedicated brushless motor and the top position of the belt, allows to guide the product especially among the different sections of the machine operation, preventing any fall and consequent machine stop.

Strictly recommended for high speed machines and for light and unstable products, it ensures better robustness of the pack, by avoiding that the rows of product are not aligned and the packs are not square and not compact at the end of the shrinking process.

In case the machine where the upgrade is installed features automatic change-over, the supply includes the automatic height regulation according to the product handled by the machine. This is possible by means of one of the two motors indicated in the drawing, selected according to the motor type already installed on the other automatic change-over shafts.

If not specified in this offer, this product does not include installation and commissioning.

Minimum requirements and limitation:
- From SK 2° series and Combi machine (with Gefran thermoregulator installed)
- The maximum height of the product after the installation of the stabilizer is 350mm.


- Improvement of the product stability during the shrinking process


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Spare Parts Department

Spare Parts Department