SMIPAL palletizers: compact design for heavy-duty tasks

SMIPAL palletizers: compact design for heavy-duty tasks

In order to streamline the palletization of boxes, packs in film only or trays, SMI offers cutting edge solutions like the 1550P, 3090P, and 3100LP automatic systems of the Smipal APS series.

Suitable for the production lines of the food&beverage sector, chemicals, farmaceuticals, detergents and many more industries, Smipal palletizers can reach outputs from 35 to 100 packs/minute (according to the machine model, the product and the palletizing pattern).

Smipal APS P systems feature single-column modules with two Cartesian axes, integrating in the central fixed column the layer-loading head (the so called "basket") and an articulated arm based on SCARA technology that feeds empty pallets and inserts cardboard pads between the pallet layers.

The column houses all the mechanical components for those operations usually performed by 3 different machines, with the subsequent reduction in machine dimensions, energy consumption and running and maintenance costs.

All vertical and horizontal movements are driven by the machine's automation and control system which, thanks to brushless motors electronically controlled, ensures smooth and precise trajectories.

The palletizers proposed by SMI adopt a series of technical solutions designed so as to dramatically reduce the machine size and dimensions with respect to traditional layouts.

The handling of pallets and cardboard pads is performed just on one side of the machine and the use of forklifts is concentrated in a well-defined area of the plant, thus optimizing loading and unloading activities.

Smipal APS P automatic palletizing systems, beyond in its "stand-alone" version, can also be integrated with a Smiflexi automatic packer, thus forming a so called Packbloc compact system which gathers within a unique block the operations of secondary packaging and palletizing. The system can also be configured in a Packbloc Neo version by adding an integrated turnplate wrapper.

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