Newsletter N°7/2008 - SMI Training Centre

SMI Training Centre: the customer first of all

The customer centrality is the core principle of SMIGroup "mission"; for the "Customer Service Centre (CSC)", it is the reason of existence.

The Customer Service is an ideal bridge between SMI and the customers; it makes the access to the available services quicker and easier.

The company know-how and the technical solutions developed by SMIGroup are at your disposal, in order to increase your performances and ensure an excellent investment return.

Newsletter N°7/2008 - SMI Training Centre

SMI Training Centre organizes specific training courses for each machine model, in order to provide your staff with the necessary instructions for the best operation of SMI machines, with reduced down-times and higher performances.

Newsletter N°7/2008 - SMI Training Centre

Knowledge is essential for everybody!

The training courses can be attended by people of any level of expertise: operators, maintenance technicians, mechanical engineers, electrical and electronic engineers, production managers.

The training courses can be held either at the customer's plant or at SMIGroup headquarters, depending on the trainees' exigencies.

The activities are carried out partly in a teaching-room and partly in the plant and are supervised by a team of "senior trainers", who are expert in the subject of the course and can speak different foreign languages

Newsletter N°7/2008 - SMI Training Centre

All training courses can be customized, in order to meet your specific requirements.

For further information, please contact our Training Centre: Tel: +39 0345 40.253 - E-mail:

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