Thanks to their flexibility, SMI rotary stretch-blow moulders are the ideal solution for those who want to produce a wide array of containers by using just one machine model.

First of all, accessing machine's components and moving organs is really hassle-free, thanks to large doors allowing the operator to step into the machine easily and comfortably.

Secondly, format changeover time is very short and enables to rapidly resume the production cycle right after the format has been changed.


The parameters for each container are stored in the POSYC control panel, ready to be selected by the operator from the touch screen display.

The mechanical adjustments, the replacement of the moulds and of any other component, if necessary, require few minutes and can be carried out by using the set of tools supplied with the machine.

The changeover procedure consists of a few simple operations:

  • opening of the mould-holder (1)
  • removal of each half mould (2) by loosening three screws
  • change of the mould bottom (3) by means of a fast toggle joint-equipped mechanical hook (4)

In the filling module the changeover doesn’t require any mechanical part replacement.
The filling valves can be adjusted individually or all together, so as to minimize bottle transfer operations and optimize changeover times.