Cardboard multipack sleevers with in-line infeed


MP 150 BK ERGON - Overlapping cardboard sleeve packers up to 150 ppm

The MP ERGON series includes automatic machines for the packaging of plastic, metal, cardboard and glass containers in overlapping cardboard sleeves.

MP ERGON series packers can achieve an output up to 300 packs per minute, depending on the machine model and on the product to be packaged. Low or medium capacity containers can be packed in OTT (Over The Top) or NT (Neck Through) style.

For shaped products, the pack can be strengthened by adding a top/bottom retaining flap which keeps the containers steadier inside the cardboard sleeve; furthermore, MP BK ERGON models are optimised to solely pack cardboard briks.

The pack collations can vary according to the containers shape and dimensions; in general, the most requested collations are: 1x3, 1x4, 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4. All MP ERGON models feature an electronic grouping system; the changeover is manual.

MP 150 BKMP 150 BKTR
Speed (PPM)150150
Packaging TypeCardboard sleeves with flap
Stacked packs
Pack with handle
Cardboard sleeves - Over The Top (OTT)
Cardboard sleeves - Neck Through (NT)
Cardboard sleeves with flap
Stacked packs
Pack with handle
Cardboard sleeves - Over The Top (OTT)
Cardboard sleeves - Neck Through (NT)



1In the machine infeed zone, a group of guides accurately lines up the loose containers carried by a conveyor belt featuring low-friction chains made of thermoplastic material.


2In the pack formation zone, the containers are clustered in the required format through electronically synchronized dividing combs, operating in continuous motion. At the same time, a cardboard blank is placed upon the products in transit.


3A mechanical device folds down the two edges of the cardboard blank; then the pack bottom is sealed with hot melt glue. The choice of “hot melt glue sealing” instead of “mechanical tucked-in closure” ensures more rigid and steady packages.


4In the models equipped with a rotodivider, the packs at the machine outlet can be turned by 90° or distributed on several lanes, before being conveyed to another packaging machine or directly to the storage area.

  • Machine bearing frame made of sand-blasted and powder-painted steel
  • Sliding protection doors in anodised aluminium featuring a rounded shape which let all the motors (featuring low energy consumption) be placed externally if compared to the mechanical groups they activate. The closing system of doors is equipped with a slow-down device, which accompanies the door smoothly in its final phase of closure
  • Absence of gearboxes and prevailing employment of ICOS brushless motors equipped with digital servo-driver integrated into the motor
  • Continuous motion product grouping device, with electronically synchronized fingers made of plastic material
  • For life lubricated bearings
  • Cardboard magazine situated above the infeed conveyor, adjustable according to the blank size
  • Continuous motion rotary cardboard blank picker, equipped with suction cups

Modular design

SMI machines are designed according to advanced principles of module assembly and feature interchangeable mechanical and electronic components, which ensure a reduction of the down-times during technical interventions or programmed maintenance and the optimization of the use of spare parts on stock.

Operational flexibility

These machines can package a wide range of products in several pack collations, so as to effectively meet the end user's current and future requirements. Moreover, each machine can be equipped with additional devices, which increase its basic functions and ensure a high level of customization of the final package.

Motors directly connected to the drive shafts

SMI machines do not include gearboxes: the motors are directly connected to the drive shafts. The consequent advantage is the reduction of maintenance, energy consumption and noise.

Continuous motion pack formation

The continuous motion packaging system ensures a fluid production process and protects the containers from strikes, thus granting more reliability, a better quality of the pack and a reduction of mechanical wear.

Thermoplastic material dividing pins

In the pack formation zone, the use of dividing pins made of thermoplastic material, that last longer than those made of metal, reduces the machine noise and protects the fragile containers (such as glass containers) and their labels.

Easy and cost-saving maintenance

The rounded safety doors enable to have more space inside the machine and thus to install motors externally compared to the mechanical units they drive, which allows the operator to easily perform the activities connected to the plant maintenance.

"User-friendly" man-machine interface

The POSYC® control panel, sliding on a boom running the whole length the machine, is very easy to use, thanks to the intuitive interface, the touch screen and the diagnosis functions and real-time technical support on the POSYC®.

Cardboard multipack sleevers with in-line infeed

The RD divider is an optional device available on all models equipped with the TR module; it rotates and distributes the packs on multiple lanes.

It is available in the electronic and automatic version and can handle both simple and complex patterns, with a maximum inlet speed of 200 packs per minute.

The packs coming out of the machine in short side leading can be turned by 90°, in order to change their leading side from short to long.

Images are for illustrative purposes and data are not binding, as they have to be confirmed by SMI according to the machine user's production conditions and technical specifications.