Multipack packers with top pad with in-line infeed


TPP 300 ERGON - Multipack packers with top pad up to 300 ppm

The automatic packers from the TPP ERGON (acronym for Top Pad Packer) range represent the cutting-edge plastic-free solution for packing several types of cans in multipack through the application of a cardboard pad positioned in the upper part of the pack.

These packers, realizing packs in 2x2 and 2x3, can reach an output up to 300 packs/minute and are suitable for those beverage manufacturers who want to actively follow a circular economy pattern and at the same time put on the market packs with a high visual impact.

This solution combines operational flexibility and the capability of processing different types of containers in several configurations with high technology, based on the improvement of a proven series that SMI has been producing for years (the MP ERGON series).

Speed (PPM)300
  • Machine bearing frame made of sand-blasted and powder-painted steel
  • Sliding protection doors in anodised aluminium featuring a rounded shape which let all the motors (featuring low energy consumption) be placed externally if compared to the mechanical groups they activate. The closing system of doors is equipped with a slow-down device, which accompanies the door smoothly in its final phase of closure
  • Absence of gearboxes and prevailing employment of ICOS brushless motors equipped with digital servo-driver integrated into the motor
  • Continuous motion product grouping device, with electronically synchronized fingers made of plastic material
  • For life lubricated bearings
  • Cardboard magazine situated above the infeed conveyor, adjustable according to the blank size
  • Alternate motion cardboard blank picker, equipped with suckers
  • Operator panel mounted on an arm sliding on a rail

Operational flexibility

These machines can package a wide range of products in several pack collations, so as to effectively meet the end user's current and future requirements. Moreover, each machine can be equipped with additional devices, which increase its basic functions and ensure a high level of customization of the final package.

Environmentally sustainable solution

The packs generated by the TPP packer are made of renewable, biodegradable and fully recyclable top cardboard pad. This represents a valid alternative to packs in shrink film and offers the advantage of not requiring a shrinking process compared to them, with benefits in terms of consumption and carbon footprint.

Material saving

The pack is composed of a top pad only. This results in significant saving in terms of material, and, all of this, without compromising on the pack stability, functionality and aesthetics.

Glue-free packs

The new multipacks do not require the use of glue, as they are kept stable by the punched and folded cardboard topper. This enhances the environmental sustainability of the pack.

Customized packs

This solution enables to manufacture packs with a wide surface to customize. This means that this pack acts as a real marketing tool and can be used by manufacturers to draw the consumer’s attention and at the same time to enhance the customer experience, a factor that plays an increasingly important role in the buying decisions.

"User-friendly" man-machine interface

The POSYC® control panel, sliding on a boom running the whole length the machine, is very easy to use, thanks to the intuitive interface, the touch screen and the diagnosis functions and real-time technical support on the POSYC®.

Images are for illustrative purposes and data are not binding, as they have to be confirmed by SMI according to the machine user's production conditions and technical specifications.