Stretch film packers with in-line infeed



The SFP ERGON series is composed of automatic machines for the continuous packaging of loose containers and already made packs in stretch film (thickness between 10 and 30 microns).

The packers from the SFP ERGON series can achieve an output rate up to 30 packs per minute in single lane and make packs in 1 x ... and 2 x …

These machines stand out for the low energy consumption, since they are not equipped with a heating tunnel, and for the stable and resistant packaging, ensured by the application of the two film webs in a criss-cross pattern and the space between the packs.

Speed (PPM)30



1In the machine infeed zone, an oscillating guiding system accurately lines up the loose containers carried by a conveyor belt featuring low-friction chains made of thermoplastic material. In the pack formation zone, the containers are clustered in the required format through a pneumatic separator and compensation bars


2The film unwinding is controlled by brushless motors (one for each reel) and the constant film tensioning is controlled by a progressive brake


3The film webs are applied in a criss-cross pattern around the containers in transit: the first reel wraps the group of containers in a clockwise direction, while the second one wraps it in a counter-clockwise direction, thus realizing a resistant and long lasting pack


4The cutting operation is carried out in two steps (at the front and back of the pack in transit) through horizontal movements of a resistance-heated vertical blade, controlled by a brushless motor

  • Machine bearing frame made of sand-blasted and powder-painted steel
  • Max. pack size 400 mm H x 400 mm L x 400 mm LS (Leading Side) (according to the product)
    Min. pack size 100 mm H x 200 mm L x 100 mm LS (Leading Side) (according to the product)
  • Sliding protection doors in anodised aluminium featuring a rounded shape which let all the motors (featuring low energy consumption) be placed externally if compared to the mechanical groups they activate. The closing system of doors is equipped with a slow-down device, which accompanies the door smoothly in its final phase of closure
  • Absence of gearboxes and prevailing employment of ICOS brushless motors equipped with digital servo-driver integrated into the motor
  • For life lubricated bearings
  • Infeed conveyor with chains made of thermoplastic material featuring low friction coefficient and a motorized system of oscillating laning guides
  • Interactive 7'' touchscreen display (15'' model mounted on an arm sliding on rail available as an option)

Reduced size and great quality-price ratio

The SFP ERGON shrink wrappers have very reduced dimensions since they are not equipped with a shrink tunnel, thus representing the ideal solutions to meet the requirements of those customers who do not have large plants. Furthermore, the prices of the SFP are very competitive, despite the employment of technologically advanced solutions and high-reliable components.

Operational flexibility

These machines can package a wide range of products in several pack collations, so as to effectively meet the end user's current and future requirements. Moreover, each machine can be equipped with additional devices, which increase its basic functions and ensure a high level of customization of the final package.

Motors directly connected to the drive shafts

SMI machines do not include gearboxes: the motors are directly connected to the drive shafts. The consequent advantage is the reduction of maintenance, energy consumption and noise.

Resistant and long lasting packs

Thanks to the application of the two film webs in a criss-cross pattern and to the spacing device creating about 100 mm space between two consecutive groups of containers, the SFP ERGON shrink wrappers allow to realize resistant and long lasting packs.

Low consumption

Since SFP packers have no heat-shrink tunnel, a substantial saving in power consumption can be achieved during the packaging operation. Furthermore, the consumption of packaging material is 30/40 % lower than traditional shrink wrappers.

Easy and cost-saving maintenance

The rounded safety doors enable to have more space inside the machine and thus to install motors externally compared to the mechanical units they drive, which allows the operator to easily perform the activities connected to the plant maintenance.

User-friendly man-machine interface

The POSYC® control panel, fixed or sliding on a boom running the whole length of the machine (depending on the machine model), enables even less expert operators to easily and effectively run the packer, thanks to an intuitive interface, a touch screen display and diagnosis functions and real-time technical support available on the POSYC®.

Images are for illustrative purposes and data are not binding, as they have to be confirmed by SMI according to the machine user's production conditions and technical specifications.