Complete lines

SMI is specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of complete lines for bottling and packaging flat and carbonated beverages and liquid products in PET containers from 0.10 to 10 L and with output capacity from 3,600 to 33,600 bottles/hour (according to the machine model and to the type of container).


All of the line engineering solutions proposed by SMI start with a preliminary study of the bottling & packaging project, during which accurate analysis of product accumulation, distribution and conveyance dynamics are carried out in order to ensure a smooth and constant production flow and the maximum operational flexibility of the machines installed.

An advanced automation and control system, equipped with sophisticated sensors distribuited all along the bottling line, enables to achieve high machine yields in all of the steps of the manufacturing process; furthermore, highly-automated equipment allow optimising the employment of raw materials, work force and energy resources thus improving the environmental and social compatibility of the solutions proposed.

Bespoke solutions for every need

An accurate design of a complete bottling line, an appropriate sizing of machines and equipment and a smooth running of the whole system are essential factors enabling food & bevarage sector companies to produce efficiently, to cut manufacturing costs and to achieve a good competitive edge on the markets they are focussing on. 

To that purpose, within the wide range of line engineering solutions proposed by SMI the cost-saving compact lines stand out since they implement the most recent technological innovations in terms of operation integration and energy saving.


The design of turn-key systems is carried out by SMI by taking into consideration the most sophisticated and modern parameters in terms of  machine size reduction, integration of machines or functions into multi-tasking units, ease of use, energy saving and running and maintenance cost reduction.

Moreover, customers can count on a widespread and efficient after-sales service, that takes care worldwide of the setting in motion and the maintenance of SMI complete lines.

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